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How can i hide the smell of marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by crzyant7, May 5, 2009.

  1. Hello, i am going to have half an ounce on me tomorrow. I am going to be with family for a 20 minute car ride. Do you think if i put the already bagged marijuana in another zip lock bag with a fabric freshener sheet thing. (those things you put in your drier) Will any one be able to smell it?
  2. Thats a good Idea, but I would suggest over such a long time in a closed space you put all that in a glass jar (either a mason jar or seal it off with putty) I would also suggest wrapping tape or something else aroung the outside so it's not Imeadilty apparent what it is to anyone that might happen to see it.
  3. Pill bottle.

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    Your best bet would be to stash the Marijuana in an air-tight container. This includes bags, but most bags are not 100% airtight. If air cannot escape the container containing the weed, then there is no way a smell can escape.

    Is there any way you could get tupperware, or something similar?

    If not, I recommend more than just two bags. Make sure to completely depress the air from each bag before resealing.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: I agree 100% with the pill bottle. Works like a charm.
  5. You sound like a stiff for someone who's gonna be smoking a half oz of marijuana.

    You need it bro, all the power to ya.
  6. lol alright i am going to put it in a pill bottle. i hope it all fits :S and i just dont want to get caught with it. haha
  7. You must have a good sized pill bottle to stuff a half ounce in it... Although I have seen some pretty big ones now that I think about it. Sure, go ahead put it in a pill bottle, put the bottle in a ziplock if you want a little extra protection lol.
  8. Put your bag of green inside a school bag/other bag then put into the boot of the car.

  9. 6 zip lox ftw

  10. Pill Bottles or mason jars. The kinds pickles come in. Check your fridge.
  11. Ziplock vacuum sealed bag starter kit for like $3 at walmart, seriously they work amazingly
  12. 4 or more bags, i used to use 10 when i lived with my rents, never smelled a thang
  13. Guys he cant use a mason jar, he is going to be in the car with his family, what are they going to say/think when they see a HUGE bulge in his pocket or him carrying around a big 'ole mason jar? Its good to hide the smell but not practical at all for this.

    I recomend going with what many others before me have said and using a pill container, tylonol or advil. stick it in the pocket, if the family asks. say, "i tget headaches, (so and so) doesnt have pain killers so i bring my own."

    glad i dont have to worry about what my folks think about green use
  14. No. No, no and motherfucking NO. They are the most useless pieces of shit on the face of the earth apart from cardboard boxes to use to hide the smell. It leaks through them like a knife through butter. You may as well just keep it in an open plastic baggie for all the good those things will do.
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    Put it in a ziplock bag, and ductape the bag so no air gets out. Repeat once or twice. I've carried a half Oz doing this not to mention a very unclean piece. And I was in the car for 5 hours.

  16. Agreed. Go get a mason jar. I live with my parents and I keep like an ounce of regs and around 2 grams of dank in 2 separate jars and it doesn't smell at all.
  17. I emptied out 3/4 of axe container and put cotton balls in the bottom to soak up the rest of the liquid but keep the smell of the spray. I then stashed the weed in a small baggie put it in the top of the axe container and put the cover back on. Even when open the axe over rides the smell of the weed!! When closed there is no chance to smell! :hello:
  18. Umm, just tell the truth, you won't find a quick way to hide 1/2 in a car you don't own. But they will not want to drive, so just buy it at home or something. 20 minutes isn't long, ask a tolerable person for a ride.
  19. Don't put weed anywhere near a strong fragrance, it will be ruined.
  20. Good job necrobumping a thread from 2009.

    Also, Axe is for smelly high schoolers. I'd highly recommend not using it.

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