How can i grow weed legally in the uk

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  1. ok its maybe a stupid question but i wanna grow and smoke my own weed how do i do it without the dam cops knocking on my door???

    i aint interested in selling i just wanna grow my own because of the high prices i have to buy it for and the risk of been ripped off buy drug dealers you know i been ripped off loads of times theres not a thing i can do about it

    so am trying to grow my own but i just wanna be left alone as am sure the rest of you farmers do too right? what ever i grow will never leave my house if i have anything to do with it

    its for me nobody else how can i grow and still be left alone????

    i really dont want my light taking off me that i paid £100 for if the cops take that off me they just as bad as the drug dealers that rip me off

    you hear about people been let off for personal use not sure if they still take every thing off you but its all wrong this law if i wanna grow and smoke my own weed i should be allowed to do so ooo and by the way am in my own house it doesn't belong to the council
  2. I would suggest looking into the laws about marijuana from where your from. I don't really know what to say other then do a little bit of research and read through the forums.
  3. First of all, you getting ripped off by drug can do something about it. RAT THEM OUT! They fuck you, you fuck back harder to teach them a lesson..or maybe thats me i tend to be merciless. Of course, ive never actually ratted one out..but anyways.
    Im in the same situation pretty much, i dont know your specific laws or anything but i think in the UK its completely right? Either way, my advice is to just do it, DONT TELL ANYONE, not even your friends..seriously. I know its tough but thats the only way you can guarantee that you are the only one who knows. You should just be able to build a cheap grow cabinet and put your light in, and you're good to go. Dont buy anything with a credit card if you can avoid it. You also should calculate how much your energy bill could rise, because that would be suspicious if it rises too much. You seem to be pretty worried about the cops knocking on your door, here in the US at least where i live, thats never it different in the UK or something? Do they just come around like they have nothing better to do? They shouldnt, unless you gave them a reason, i.e the energy bill going up or people seeing bright ass lights on at your house at odd hours, or smelling your crop. If you keep to yourself you shouldnt have a problem, what i like to do is whenever i go out i look at someones house that ive never met before..and i think to myself "Are they growing weed in that house?" you cant tell, so your house should be no different. Stealth IS KEY!! I know i ramble alot but thats just how i am haha, hopefully you got something out of it
  4. hi no i wouldnt tell anyone it seems thats 1 good thing am doing ok am telling this site about it but nobody knows where i am i could be anybody my grow room is in my bedroom in my closet nobody knows am doing it i wouldnt tell my friends because you never know who to trust these days do you

    what the cops do is they fly round with there helicopter stick there heat cam on and find farms usually they bust all farms on the same morning maybe they start busting at 4am then they finished by 6 am thats how the cops work ooo and there is a chance people will grass you up

    i pay for my electric its not wired its only costing like 50p extra for 10 hrs of light than id normally use i put my light on at 12am turn it off when i wake up at 9 - 10am in the morning ive lived here for about 6 years so i have an idea when they more likely to use the helicopter i am thinking of things i can do to keep out the way of them but am new to growing so im struggling with that too never grown a plant in my life am no gardener but i just gotta learn as i go on

    dont worry m8 i ramble too your not the only 1 ha ha
  5. New here first post, currently on my first grow just bout to switch my light cycle, I'm currently in the same boat as yourself . The Feds are a pain in the arse and always flying over. Im a very paranoid person and always on the edge . The uk is shit, u get snakes grassing you up and fat cunt Feds with nothing better to do then search lil kids and they are bang on snatching your grow. The only difference between us is that I live in a council house so they wouldn't even need a warrant so I'm fucked either way. I also just want for personal use however don't get me wrong I got clients, it is literally like the mid age people need to open their fucking eyes. You've got all this fuckin immigrants sneaking in lorries and shit but they would rather go snatch some 1s poxy grow , I hate the law and the uk , I really hope this country introduces something within the next few years otherwise I'm defiently moving abroad because it's like Pakistan over here already yet alone all the polish etc
  6. Marry into the Royal Family !!!
  7. 1. There is no fight club.
    2. Tell no one you are growing. No one.
    3. Cash only for equipment. Cash leaves no trails.
    4. And if you are really paranoid, try not to post photos of your grow online.
  8. You cant. Keep it to 1 - 5 plants, you are really unlikely to get caught with this number of plants and if you do, its personal.
  9. Most growers who get caught over here usually just get a fine if its not a silly big grow.

    You still get locked up, house searched, a full day in a cell plus a court date or two though :(.

    Just play safe if you're gong to do it and accept that one day they could come knocking, as for the helicopter I wouldn't worry about it at all unless your running multiple HPS lights :smoke:

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