how can i grow in my house with my mom??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cantoutsmokeme, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. YO
    i got mad seeds from dank ass bags and i would like to start growing as soon as possible. but i live with my mom i have an attic and garage but there both a little cold now my room i def couldnt and i have a shed out back.
    could i just use a regular light or does it have to be a certain one?
    get back thanks
  2. dude i grow in my attic and it gets flippin cold here and its fine so i suggest you grow in your attic. if you are just starting and you dont wanna spend a fortune then i suggest buying flourescent lights. you can buy those twisty or U shaped energy saving bulbs at freddies or wherever which are called cfls or you could get one of those shop lights that have 2 tubes. both work well for me. hps is the best bet tho but those can be spendy. so ya, go for the attic and what is with the whole mad and dank stuff? no offense
  3. compact floros is what timmy means, Or you can get a nice 4ft floro tube setup. runs a total of 15 bucks from walmart. Just get the seeds germinated and started up, and you dont have to worry about too much heat from the Floro tubes. The compact floros will give off some heat though. something to watch out for. I have a 4 ft fixture with cool white bulbs in it, a total of 4200 lumens, it is bright as hell in my closet. The plant is growing jsut fine. Sneakyness is your goal though? well good luck and i want to wish you happy holidays.

    There are alot of helpful people on here specially the admins, and everyone is nice. Good luck and kep posting!
  4. just remember dont tell anyone, not even friends... cause if word gets out and you get busted, mommy is gonna take the fall...

    good luck growing, and more luck to keeping it secret :smoke:

    (p.s. read afew grow guides)
  5. Dont do it , that simple. Wait till you've stopped living with mommy. You're going to have a hell of a time explaining to the family why exactly it is she is in jail for 3 years. Its just sneaky and wrong..enless you get her approval
  6. is a blacklight good for anything? i gots lots of seeds too, and wunt to start growin in my room too. but i dunno, cuz i dont got tha rite lights for it. just my closet lite bulb
  7. ya, well i know that you can all go to jail and have bubba ass fuck you for like 3 years, but. consider this, if it is a enclosed space, no smelly stuff, and you are smart about it, the go for it, i am doing it right now, i built a box in my closet, and vent it into my attic, i am starting with siol and them moving into hydro after i get some $$ from my harvests, i am very excited, i get my seeds NortherlightsX Shiva in 2 weeks, and i just cannont whait!!!! :hello:
  8. WTF was the beging of this reply supposed to mean dude? you gunna rat us out? shoot i hate new comers that are like this :)
  9. i think he was just stating the downfalls of being caught... so watch your ass (no pun intended) :smoke:
  10. i agree

    wait until you have moved out of your parents house. the fact is, its her butt on the line also and you should have some respect for that.

    if you are going to grow, do it outside off your mom's property. it shows respect.
  11. I'm gonna start growing - most likely in my loft which is above my bedroom.

    Only problem is my landlord is a cop.

    He never comes round but i still don't wanna risk it too much.

    I've got this plan to make a fake wall in the loft - only problem is electricity.

    Has anyone got any ideas how i could descreetly power my 600W sodium light?

    Theres no plugs in the loft so i'm gonna have to send a wire upstairs.

    This might sound crazy but its gotto to be done.
  12. dude just find a field and plant your seeds cause they will get free fertilizer and water
    i have a friend who grows his in a nearby cornfield
    there are drawbacks like someone finding it or it could be stolen

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