How can I get rid of a match that's stuck in my bubbler's bowl?

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  1. Somehow my retard of a friend got a match stuck in the tube that goes from the bowl to the water. Unfortunately the top half snapped off so you can't pull it cause there is nothing to grab onto. The match is virtually about the same size as the tube and pretty much spans the entire thing so its pretty stuck at the moment. Does anyone have any good ideas about how I can get it out?
  2. Tweezers? Let it dry and try burning it out?
  3. i agree with letting it totally dry. try an iso and salt wash, if it is still stuck, just let it sit for a while and let all the water evaporate. then the stick should be able to slide around a hell of a lot easier. then use some really fine tweezers. it should be able to come out if it was able to get in....
  4. Maybe try taking a needle and getting it stuck into the match to pull it out?
  5. Use one of those torch lighters for smoking crack. Aim it straight down the bowl and the match will be incinerated.
  6. if tweezers or trying to pull it out doesn't work then soak it in acetone, the match will probably dissolve into nothingness
  7. A good Iso cleaning, trying to blow it out, a pair of tweezers, burning it and breaking it up might work or maybe get a small fish hook and bend it straight and drive it into the end of the match and then pull it out hoping the barb grabs.
  8. I think the pin idea sounds like the most painless method, I'd try that first. Otherwise, it is would, and wood + fire = ...
  9. Burn the match to ash pus it through then clean the fuck out of the bub? Don't brake your stem
  10. Air compressor hooked up to the mouthpiece and a plugged barb. Shoot him in the eye with that match.
  11. empty water, hold bub upside-down, torch bowl with lighter.
  12. Burned it with a grill lighter and then put in an ISO bath to get all the ash out. Thanks for the advice
  13. Fire cleanses! :bongin:

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