How can i get over the negativity?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jamnyy, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. a couple of years ago i started smoking weed with friendsm but later when i went to college i've made the choice to quit with it.
    The reason why i stopped was because of various reasons:
    - mother who said not to do it because she thought it was bad for me.
    - most of the time stoned af. and i didn't did the things i had to do.
    - my physical appareance (the look etc.)

    now at this moment ive tried to start again with smoking, but i had a bad trip and my concious showed me a other perspective of how my life now a days is. and i have a lot of bagage that i cary with me!

    my question for the readers is. should i stop smoking or continue and if i do that will the negative thoughts go away or something?

    i dont know exactly if the question is clear but i hope that there is someone who can relate or can give me some tips.
  2. I dont get the question lol if weed isn't bringing anything positive into your life then dont smoke anymore, I used spend 200-250 a month on weed I cut back and now only spend 100 if that a month.
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  3. lol im confused to, if its bringing negativity in your life then dont smoke anymore lol. good luck.
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  4. Sounds like you fell in with a bad crowd and you are blaming weed for your choices in life. Now listen to mommy and don't screw up your life!
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  5. Hey man it is okay to be sober if thats what you think is best. Most people really shouldnt be high drunk their entire lives. Maybe be sober acheive some shit and then get fucked up later.

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