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how can i get a bong or pipe delivered to my house without my parents knowing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongt0ker, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. if i were to buy some papers or a new bowl from GC is there any way to get it to my house or any other way but with out my parents knowing? i dont have enough cash to move out of the house yet, and i most likely wont for a year at least so can anyone help me out?
  2. Only way is to intercept the package so they never see it. Do you often get the mail before your parents?
  3. send it elsewhere

    as in, friends, family, etc..
  4. If you order from ninjabongzsz and pay extra, you can get their special delivery.

    They actually send one of these guys to your house, just tell them what room and leave that window unlocked :cool:

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  5. Tell them you order an x-mas present for them and if they open it you'll break their fingers
  6. no but i willl start to when i get home from work everyday

  7. GC's shipping means that package won't arrive until some time in January or February.
  8. Get a PO box or ship it elsewhere.
  9. "Mom, the flowers I order for you will be here a little. They are on back order. I ordered them from grasscity. PLEASE do not open it!"

  10. I know you're clearly joking but I find it hilarious that GrassCity is based in Holland and Holland's biggest export (was or still is) flowers.
  11. thanks, how fast is GC shipping service?
  12. are you worried about them reading the return address or opening it?

  13. It takes a while because it has to go through Customs, and customs will take all the time they want to inspect every last inch of paraphernalia. I've heard it takes a month on average.
  14. opening it of course, im asuming they would think GC is a lawncare service or some shit
  15. Tell them you have something coming in the mail but it is a present for one of them and they must not open it. DEAL
  16. you could order some things on line and get them used to some boxes arriving, maybe like things towards a bigger goal, like getting stuff for a new hobby or something, that is just what came to mind, you dont' have to do that exactly. So tell them things willbe arriving for ___________.

    Or you could do like next day air, and stay home that day??? you know when it will arrive and you will be there all day

  17. I thought GC used plain, inconspicuous packaging so that no one knows what it is
  18. So what's your point? did you have any idea that at times some parents inquire about the packages theyr kids are receiving?

  19. That's genius. My suggestion is to just have it sent to a friend's house whos parents are ok with weed.
  20. Say, "I'm 18 and don't want you to see my smut". :rolleyes:

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