How can i force hermaphradite? autoflowering strains?

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  1. i know theres a acid/chemical that can make a female plant hermy, but do you need to have some type of license to buy the shit? also ne other ways to force hermadites?
  2. i want the answer to this!
  3. You dont need licence to buy needed stufs for feminisation but either you dont need to made hermies.

    You cant made females just like that.
  4. idk what the fuck you just said, but hermys produce female only seeds...
  5. You mean like Gibberellic acid?

    While hermie seeds will have a "97%" of being female, hermie seeds will be genetically predisposed to being hermie themselves. So, you have to stabilize it by using the hermie pollen to knock up another female.
  6. the chemical you are thinking of is gibberellic acid and no you dont need any kind of license. there are other ways of forcing a hermies, you can fuck with the lighting cycle, stress the hell out of the plant, and ive read that if you let the plant go for a few extra weeks after it was ready to be harvested, it will throw out some nanners as a last resort to survive and you could harvest them for their pollen
  7. There's a thread about it on here somewhere, the grower does autos in a bubble bucket with a recirculating pump and a special pvc root chamber. He talks about building some kind of colloidal silver device or something like that, I don't remember. But try searching pvc root chamber or colloidal silver, or auto hydro grow.
  8. I have heard of a technique which involves ramming a stake directly down the center of the steam or something, i am completely oblivious to the procedure but i do believe this method might exist and does have a result.
  9. Eng isnt my language but you are handicap in Eng language more than me.
    Definition: Made (Meaning of Made)

    Im really sorry cause your frustration but you cant madE female seeds of hermies.


  10. actually, yes, you can MAKE female seeds from hermie plants. thats what a feminized seed is, a seed made by pollen from a hermie plant.
  11. No, feminized seeds are not MADE with hermied plant!
    Never was and never will !
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    there are a few people experimenting with new ways to make a feminized seed by dealing with its genetics, but if you buy a feminized seed from 99.9% of seed banks, the seed was made with hermi pollen. they dont all do it the same way as most people talk about. some reverse the sex of the plant by using a Silver Thiosulfate Solution which has sodium thiosulphate and silver nitrate(along with a few other things) to reverse the sex of a female plant, but its still along the same lines as a hermi.

    it is make by the way. made is the past tense of make. "yesterday, i made a sandwhich" "today, i am going to make a sandwich"

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