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  1. how can i fix this i made some base soil out of peat moss(3cubic feet ) ,worm castings(35pound),perlite(3cubic feet ) and i also put some hydrated lime(3 cups) in there from the garden nursery. But i messed up from reading around i should have not used that type of lime i used. So i wanted to know can i just put some more lime in there which will be dolomite this time around and be ok or will it be over kill and i should just start a new base mix with just the dolomite only ?

  2. WOW!!!!
    That much hydrated (1cup/cf) will pretty much burn anything up. 3 or 4 tbl/cf you might have gotten away with, but not a cup.
    Sorry to say, it might be best to start again using the dolomite and make sure IT isn't hydrated. I have seen hydrated dolomite lime before, but it was in 100lb bags.
  3. wetdog im mixing 3 cups to a big bail of 3 cubic feet of peat moss and thats alot of soil .But i got the recipe from (In the garden). She seems to know her stuff from the pictures and info given out on this site but she has not posted in awhile here  it seems.    
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    ITG expressly stated to avoid hydrated lime in the first post.  Your ratios are correct, but the type of lime is not.  I can't remember why hydrated lime is soooooo bad, but it is.  I think it burns roots when used in pots and small gardens.  I don't even think that it is meant to be used as a soil amendment.  And I'm not sure that you can add anything to counteract it's effect.  I hope I'm wrong.  That's a lot of soil!
  5. Where dolomite, ag lime, calcite lime, etc. slowly release/breakdown in a soil, hydrated lime is water soluble, therefore all of it is instantly available.

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