How Can I Fix This?

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  1. So this is my broken 5 foot glass bong. It was a tragic day but thankfully it can still be used. Does anyone know how i can shave down the jagged edges to make it usable again without accidentally breaking the rest of the tube? 
    any advice would be much appreciated! thanks guys

  2. Duct tape?
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    Run it under cold water and saw at it, the cold water will stop it will from fracturing or smashing. Be very careful and take your time, once you have flattened the top you will proberly want to add some ductape just to smooth of the edges, last thing you want is to cut your mouth! :smoke:
    Probably the best option, but the duct tape would just get gross really really fast. You would have better luck getting a sand paper that works on glass and smoothing the edges out with that. Just make sure if you do follow these steps that you clean that thing like you are giving it to royalty, don't want to be inhaling glass dust :eek:
  5. Some gritty sandpaper will probably be your best bet. Glad to see someone else with a 5 footer, the one me and my friends have is only acrylic though!
  6. That's going to be hard to cut straight without cracking even with the right cutting wheel in a dremel.
    Id find some kind of cylinder with an inner diameter close or the same size as the tubes outer diameter. So you can slide it over to cover the broken glass.
    Maybe a couple inch long piece of pvc. You could round over the edges and silicone or epoxy it on for a nice little mouthpiece. Wouldn't look bad at all either.
  7. good input. thanks guys, im going to try to maybe grind it down and sand it level, maybe frost it after. 
  8. what if i did this??

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