How can I fix this root problem?

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  1. She's about 4 weeks into vegging (cloned her from flowering mother) and leaves look fairly decent. Most of the roots are white but I'm noticing some brownish roots & the brown roots seem to cluster together. Also noticed on one of the brown brown roots was a dead ant like insect intertwined with it, any ideas what that could be? I'll give more details/photos below.
    DWC grow - 5 gallon black bucket/3 gallons of distilled water each refeed
    2 airstones in container
    change the bucket/water every 1-2 weeks
    using 4 panel LED light with Mylar all around room
    2 clip on fans on her
    18/6 light cycle
    room does get a little warm during the day but I'm using hydroguard

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  2. what's the temperature of the water the roots hang out in? Brown slimy roots are a sign of root rot which can be caused by a number of things.


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  3. During the day it runs about 75-80 degrees, at night 65-70. Don't have a chiller or I could control that more.
  4. 80 or above will cause issues ...what have you been feeding it and what's the constant ph?


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  5. Using Advanced Nutes, 6mL Grow 3mL Bloom 3mL Micro and 3mL hydroguard with 3 gallons of distilled water.
    pH is usually at 6
    also use small amounts of pH down to get pH levels right
  6. post some pics in normal lighting up close so we can see the leaves...


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  7. Ok at my work computer so I'll make sure to grab some when I get off work.
  8. Also any ideas on how to keep reserve tanks cooler without chiller/lowering AC to ungodly level?
  9. make a rotation of 1 liter Coke bottles that are frozen with water inside. use like 5 ...freeze them all ...then place one in there..
    it will lower the water without adding anything cuz the bottle is closed...they last about 3 hours ...then take it out and place a new one in there ...and refreeze the first one ...I say freeze 5 right off the bat cuz it's takes way longer to freeze than have like 5 ready right from the start.


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  10. Imo nothing is abnormal here. Maybe those are older outdated root systems that were down sized due to cheap Chinese labour and there just hanging there until degraded enough to fall away from the rest of the system.

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  11. Should I cut the brown roots off then?
  12. Delicately less

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  13. Huh?
  14. Yes u can remove them being very careful about what you are cutting away.

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