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How Can I Find A Grower Near Me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CrazyHazey, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Because of obvious reasons, I can't just go out and ask everyone I see if they grow some herb. Help appreciated! :)

  2. start chilling at farmers markets and hydroponic shops.  in my experience a lot of long time family growers (usually hippies or old punks) will grow more than just weed and live off the grid as much as possible.  youll find them buying or selling crops at the markets. 
  3. and to add, dont ask if they grow.  if you think they might grow what you want ask them if they knew were to get any.  if they help you out but dont grow, well at least you got a new connect.
  4. Just get to know people that know people an your set
  5. I lucked up and met a grower through a kid at school. Go figure.
  6. our state has compassion clubs that will match you..i also see requests on craigs list
  7. You're not going to FIND a grower lol. Loose lips sink ships. In illegal states, growers go to GREAT lengths, and spent A LOT of money to make sure people don't know they grow.
  8. Right! Which is why I made this thread. I realize it's a "taboo" thing to the general. :p

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