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how can i convince my mom to let me smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by passthatjoint, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. idk, but if u find a way let me know. haha
  2. tell her your going to do it anyways so wouldnt she feel better if you were home? got to be the corniest line ever.... good luck man
  3. tell her your mature about it and its not an everyday thing and give her a LEGIT reason for you stress or something
  4. i was streight up with my mom and she lets me
  5. tell her the facts. just confront her with the truth that it isn't too bad for you, tell her why you do it, and then tell her that you'll do it anyway whatever she thinks. maybe not the last part, but do confront her with facts.
  6. Tell her that its a part of the world.. and that it makes you relax because your stressed

    remind her it is a harmless herb. :smoking:
  7. when my parents caught me smokin a blunt in my room they told me if im gonna smoke to smoke in the yard cus they diddent want the house smellin like bud
  8. show her

    specifically this chart which is nice:

    its in the facts section

    good luck :smoking:
  9. you can't shes your mom... that's the point
  10. Most parents don't really care what there child does once they are an adult. If you are still living with your parents just don't smoke in their house and they shouldn't have a problem with it and if they do you are an adult you can choose what you put in your body.

  11. 1. Turn 18.
    2. Move out of her house.
  12. Remind her that we're all literally floating on a rock in an infinite amount of everything called space...we're all basically little specs, yet we like to think we have our own purpose of living and so on....ugh, just tell her you want to escape the madness.
  13. I get what you're saying, its really hard to put it in words though.. I think the exact same way.. lol@us on a rock tumbling through space and our parents are complaining about us smoking some little harmless plant..

  14. i was in the same position not too long ago (started with alchohol at a earlier age) and basically the way i went about it was just being honest about those things and asked questions like have you ever tried it etc. then one day i just came out and asked can i try dope/alchohol and she straight out said no.

    but i didnt stop and the best way i got her to finally say yes, was saying that you should be happy that i was honest about it and that im doing it at home with you around so nothing can go wrong and not doing it on the streets where anything can happen.

    corny but wins.
  15. some mothers cant have their minds changed. espcially mine.
    im asian, and live in vancouver (highest % of Hiv in the world), every time we pass downtown, shes like " if you keep smoking, you will end up on the streets, selling all your posessions just for your daily dose"

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