How can I control the temp in my PC grow box?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by iTim, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. My plants are starting to grow nice now there almost 3 weeks old. When the lights where off it felt like it was getting too cold so I bought a temp/humidity meter that tells you the high and low of the day, but that doesn't help me control it. How can I control the temp and humidity in the cheapest and smallest way for my PC grow box?
  2. If it's getting too cold you need to add heat. For a pc grow you could add a regular incandescent bulb during lights-on time and that will warm things up.
  3. When lights are on the temp is perfect but at night it gets cold. It's the 6 hours the lights are off.
  4. "cold" = ?
  5. it must be pretty damn cold for you to be worried. is it so cold that you are seeing your breath? if not, i wouldn't worry about it. but as toasty asked, ? how cold???
  6. Is the room this box in too cold? Because outside environment can affect microgrows.

  7. If stealth is not an issue you may want to run your light cycle at night, and your dark cycle during the day. This would solve your temp problem but you would need your case to be lightproof, as light in your dark cycle would fuck your plants during flower (if you were using the case to flower that is) as well as light coming from your case during the night would kill any chance of it being a stealth grow.
  8. I've only had the temp/humidity meter in there for a day but it says the low is 64 and the high is 77 I read 5-10 degree drop at night won't effect the plant. But if it's too cold it could stunt the growth and they haven't been growing too fast so I thought it was from temp stress. I guess 13 degrees isn't that big of a difference. I have the lights running at night. Is 64/77 a good temp for my PC grow box? Also what should the humidity be there 3 weeks old and the low is 46% and the high is 62%.
  9. It was the first hot day this year today. The low in my PC was 71 and high was 81. Can someone please help me control my temp. I don't want to stunt their growth anymore than it already is.
  10. How is the temperature in the room where your PC is located... That will have a larger effect than the outside temperature.
  11. It's located about 1ft away from my window. I keep my windows open so the air can flow through. My room is in the front of the house and is the hottest room in the house. Keeping the windows shut wouldn't be an option cause if I close my windows it will be even hotter.
  12. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']How is the temperature in the room where your PC is located... That will have a larger effect than the outside temperature.[/quote]

    He means what is the actual temp in the room that your rig is in. If you want a certain temp in your rig but the temp outside your rig is hotter than your desired temp, you either gotta run a lot fans or use artificial cooling.
  13. Basically, the way to lower temps is to move the hot air out and move cooler air in. To raise temps same idea. Just moving air does not cool it, you have to replace it with air that is a different temp.

    So...if your grow box is 85 and the source of your intake air is 85, then you will never, ever cool the space down. Again, you don't "cool down" the space or the air, you move out the hot air and bring in cooler air.

    Right now it doesn't seem you have anything to worry about 77/64 and 81/71 are both fine ranges to be in. Ideal temps are in the 70s, anything below 85F is good. And yes about 10F lower during lights-out is fine.

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