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How can I control my paranoia when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andthereitgoes, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I been smoking for a little not too long . I started cause of depresssion and right now i use it occasionally and life is so good haha. I just wanna know how much spray i should spray after i smoke indoors i use way too fucking much haha wtf so yeah what are some febreezing guidelines cause i deff spray too much when im high
  2. One second intervals in three spots of your main smoking room should do it.

    I also used to spray Febreeze in the carpet, because I believe the stench is caught in there. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)
  3. I usally let my room air out alittle. Then I use 3-6 sparys and still have my windows up. When I close my windows I spray 2-3 times then chilllll.
  4. Get some ozium from walmart it's like 5 bucks and better than other sprays for getting rid of the weed smoke smell. And yeah smoke may cling to fabrics if your smoking inside
  5. Keep your windows open, spray by the door and by wherever you smoke. Just dont get trigger happy - we shouldn't have to spell it out for you man.
  6. Best way to smoke in your room is to have some kind fan facing out of the window. It works wonders. I used to have my parent come in my room right after I smoked an they couldn't tell. And I live in a small apartment. Just have some spray and candles after and youre good. The fan works great by itself though.
  7. lol ik i just keep thinking i smell weed and keep spraying im back from college and my moms isa realbitch i can guarantee you that woman has never been even been around weed before haha
  8. and thanks for the replys dudes
  9. ok here is the thing what is frebreze????Febreze Air Effects is showcased as an odor eliminator that will get
    you to breathe happily, as if it were happy pills in spray form. Now,
    such a product, due to the lack of label warnings, carries an applied
    warranty that it's universally safe. The warranty is automatically vio-
    lated in the fact that Febreze Air Effects has ingredients known to
    trigger asthma.

    In medical nomenclature, they're known as asthma incitants, compris-
    ing: 1} sensitizers, 2} bronchoconstrictors, and 3} respiratory irri-
    tants. One example is the airway obstructer acetaldehyde, one of
    the ingredients in Febreze.

    The Febreze product line is an intense asthma trigger. Yet, there's no
    warning on the label, for the sake of asthmatics and sufferers of Reac-
    tive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome. In fact, Febreze contains skin
    irritants and a couple of carcinogens, as well.

    In failing to place a warning on the Febreze label, Proctor & Gamble
    subjected asthmatics to unexpected encounters with respiratory dis-
    tress, at the hands of unassuming house hosts, hotel maids, neighbors,
    family members, and store merchants. In fact, there was an instance
    where a cab driver sprayed Febreze in his cab while driving an asth-
    matic home. The odor lingered on the asthmatic's clothes so intense-
    ly that the asthmatic discarded the clothing he was wearing as soon as
    he got home. In fact, he got out of the cab about a mile or so away
    from his home, walking the rest of the way.

    Febreze is a product so potent that it's odor will waft into the house
    next door and apartments along a hallway. When the neighbor hap-
    pens to be a sensitive asthmatic, he/she gets physically assaulted by
    the asthma-triggering ingredients of Febreze. His/her airspace is vio-
    Chemical Sensitivity in Mainstream Medical Documentation: The 80+ Chemical Ingredients in Febreze
  10. wow never knew that about febreeze lol wtf and that shits legal and weed isnt haha thanks man looks legit info
  11. That post is so poorly written and vaguely on topic that I almost mistook it for spam. Duude, gotta work on presentation of things if your gonna be like that.
  12. Im just trying to let people know how bad that stupid shit is its all about money
    but if you guys want to keep spraying:wave:
    open a window???

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