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How can I collect crystal without a crystal catcher in my grinder?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rendole, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I really want to start collecting crystal but my grinder doesn't have a crystal catcher so I'm wondering how exactly I can do this. I was just thinking once in awhile I would "clean" my grinder out and that would be my collection but when compared to my friends crystal catcher he would be collecting A LOT more than I would be. Is there any better ways or should I just stop being a jew and get a better grinder?
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    stop being a jew and get a 4 piece grinder with a pollen catcher

    Anti-semitism is not tolerated here at all - WW
  3. Two options, kief box, or kief catching grinder.

    There are folks that have made kief boxes, but yah either way you'll need something with a screen.
  4. Your going to need to spend money.. might as well just get a 4pc grinder.

  5. The Kidd is right on here. If you want a lot of kief fast make a kief box. Do a search for some DIY threads.
  6. Right on. It's crazy how much people try to get around everything.
  7. I highly reccomend ebay. I got a legit 4 piece sharpstone (high class brand) 3 inch (big size) grinder for 24 bucks. I got about 3g of kief in there right now.
  8. I freeze then slam my plastic grinder onto a hard but smooth surface like a glass table-mat

    Then scoop it into whatever I want like an unmentionable powder using a card or some cardboard.
  9. dont get a plastic grinder

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