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how can i clean out a metal pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 22, 2010.

  1. ok i own one of these Anodized Aluminium Mushroom Pipe - Dutch -

    an i have already cleaned it out of all the smokable resin now it is ashes an other shit that is cloggin it

    can i boil it?????

    or will i have to go out an buy some of that alchohol shit?

    thanks guys =]
  2. best chucking it and getting a glass one!! :D

    na, the best way is to get a little iso in a jar - put some salt in with iso and place the pipe in jar. then swish it about to get all the shitty pipe oil from the it
  3. thanks man =] an btw i love this lil baby better then a glass spoon i had (for 2 days then my friend rolled over on it an busted it)
  4. yeah alcohol and salt should do the trick, or you could dilute some bleach and stick in the sink over night.
    Just make sure you get all the chemicals off afterwards.
  5. thanks man =] might hafta do this to lazy to get out to the store an buy some iso

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