How can I change this setup to better manage heat (Pics)

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    Just moved into a new place and built a 2'5"x1'7"x4'5" tent in my closet. The closet is 2'7"x8'5"x8'5" and the tent is at the end of the closet away from the door.
    Light is a 400watt hps/mh.
    Pics show air flow

    When my light is on my teps are like 101F with the thermometer 5" away from the light, and like 85F when the thermometer is about a foot away. What would be the best way to get rid of some of that heat. I can leave the door of the closet open all the time and would prefer not to cut any holes. As a last resort I could I guess cut a 4" hole in the ceiling above the fan box and then repair it when I move out.

    I was also thinking about running a flexable dryer duct along the self, from the vortex van to the door of the closet, and then having a large fan on the floor by the door of the closet pulling air from the other room in.

    Just ideas what would work the best?

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  2. large light for a small space... there's a diagram some place online here that shows how far away your light is suppose to be.... i believe it some place in one and a half foot range... ill try to find it.. couldn't earlier but hay.... we'll see

    as far as venting... how stealth does this have to be? if you can... go purchase another same sized door and exhaust threw your newly purchased door... when you move out replace the door... problem solved... but if your looking for total stealth your going to have to cut a hole in the ceiling like you were saying.... sucky
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    Wouldn't that be the same as just running a duct along the self and venting air out closer to the open door? Then I could lock the door to my room.

    Yea I had the light in a larger grow space in my old place, and don't really want to get a new one.

    I usually like to keep my light 10"-12" away from my plants... I think I read that somewhere.
  4. then try and duct it that way... if you still get high temps.. take my advice...

    problem solved.... im still looking for a that chart for you
  5. cannot find the chart.. tired and going to bed... pissed
  6. A 400w should be kept in the range of 18-36in above the plants. That thermo sitting 5in away is literally killing you, well, your plants rather. Id back it off to around 2ft, see where your plants like it and where your temp is about 78-80 steady and go from there.

    A 400w is perfect for that space. Tis all in ventilation, which doesnt look to be a problem, a vortex should have no problem with that at all. What are the spaces ambient temps, or the ambient temps of the closet? What vortex is it, 450cfm? I use an EcoPlus 370CFM, and my closet is 40"x24"x78" with a Super Sun2 Hood and 6" ducting.

    Seems like you got everything good, just back the light off man.

    What hood is that?

  7. Hi, and thanks for the reply...

    I have noticed that my temps do go down quite a bit when I move my light farther away so this along with exhausting my hot air closer to the door may solve all my problems

    The fan is a 6" 435CFM valueline vortex fan... it was 79$... im on a budget...but it has worked great for over a year.

    The hood is an easycool 6" from HTG supply...I got the entire setup for like 210$ from ebay/htg supply...400watt lumatek digital ballast, hood, bulbs, timer, ect...all my ducting is 6"

    The ambient temp inside the closet and tent with the light off is 68F

    planning on only growing 2-3 indica plants and vegging them only a month...going to finish them in 3gal pots.

    I hope these changes fix the problem...thanks for all the advise!
  8. ambient temp inside my tent is still 90F with the light on...any other suggestions? It seems like people get by with closets much smaller then mine and have no problems.
  9. Your recirculating the same air. Over and over

    get a door. Cut two holes. One at the top one at the bottom. Cold is on the bottom hot at the top. If that does not work I'll fly to your house and fix it myself with those types of temps before the light is on
  10. Passive input through the door or should I put a fan on the inside pointing inward to bring air in.
  11. The fan is going to push air out of your closet to create negative pressure

    if you want to try a cheap try before getting the door. Tape a large cardboard box in place of the door. Then when it works. Go get the door
  12. If I read the original post correctly, his tent is something like 29"x31"x53" (2'5"x1'7"x4'5"), which is smaller, volume wise, than what you're talking. I have run a 400w sealed/air cooled Super Sun HPS in a 36" x 18" x 40" metal cabinet and it took two EcoPlus blowers and pulling in cold air from outside (through the lamp housing to keep it cool) during the winter to keep it in the low 80's. It worked but it definitely would not have happened in a sealed space like a closet unless it was freezing in the room.

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