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How Can I Bring A Glass Pipe/bowl Back From A Cruise?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bigredguy, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Whats going on everyone, I am newly a member to this forum, although I have been browsing around for a while. The main reason I joined was because I couldnt find any solid answer to my question, but I will be around much more now that I have an account.
    Well heres the background. I am going on a cruise next month out of New York sailing to the Bahamas and Grand Turk. I will not be bringing anything with me onto the ship, which is what everyone says is the easier part, but I plan on picking up a cool piece while I am on the islands. Nothing big, just a small spoon bowl. I know I will need to go through customs on my way back which is where my concern is. I will be traveling with my family, which includes my younger siblings, which I do not want to know about the bowl. Although I am 19, my parents are not fond of weed, so I really want to avoid having them know about the pipe.
    My question is, how would I be able to bring the pipe through customs? This is where the difference in answers comes in, and I want to know recent information if possible. Like I said before the port is New York, if that makes any difference. I havent been on a cruise in a long time and do not remember much about coming back, probably because I was just a youngin and didnt have anything to hide. So if anyone knows if they will search a bag, carry on or not, or if xray machines can detect a pipe, and if the customs will make a big deal about it.
    I should have included this earlier, but I will not be using the piece before bringing it back, so it will be brand new. Anyone have any info on how to bring it through customs discretely?

  2. does anyone have any anwers at all? Searched and couldnt find any information about getting back through customs. Also, if this thread doesnt belong here, could someone point me in the right direction?
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    I wouldn't reccomend it.. i mean if you really must do it you could mail it to yourself but even that is pretty skectchy. i just wouldn't do it
    if you can afford a cruise you can afford a new pipe  :laughing:
  4. As long as the pipe isn't used you'll have nothing to worry about.

    I brought back this cool pipe from Jamaica (flew back also).

    For the cruise put it in your luggage that you'll put outside your cabin on the last night (Thats when luggage you aren't carrying is taken). And it's not searched or scanned, they are too busy getting the ship turned around for the next sailing later the same day.

    You'll have no worries, enjoy the cruise and enjoy the pipe when you get back.
  5. alright thanks for the replys so far. Like I said it will be brand new, just getting it as a souvenier. Ill probably bring a pack of rolling papers on the ship with me to blaze on the ship and the islands with. And like I said I will be traveling with my family, so if I dont have to have anything searched and to explain to them the better it would be.
    Also another question, when your coming back into the states you have to go through customs, so wouldnt that be the same proceedure as an airport, in which they use the xray scanner to search your bag. Would it be possible to put it in a glasses case with a pair of glasses? or would it be seen and recognized through that?
  6. If it is unused, it should not be a problem. Personally, I would not risk it because if i was 19 and my parents got stuffy about an unused pipe, i would get pissed.
  7. go to and check out and search those forums.   Not necessarily about weed, about the customs procedures and everything.   There are threads and pages just for certain ships, ports, and different desitinations.   I actually found a pretty sweet "secret" spot (public place that you could get to no one really knew about on a carnaval ship thanks to that site.)    
    Very informative if your about to go on a cruise.  
  8. If the piece is unused your fine. I wouldn't bring it back with resin in it cuz it will be considered paraphernalia and that's how you will get in trouble.
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    As said, if its unused then they can't do anything. Just buy 2 pipes, the nice once you want, and like a cheap 8 dollar one, use the cheap one and throw it out at the end, and bring the nice unused piece with you. Not getting caught on the other hand, is on you.
  10. Buy your nice pipe you want. Don't use it at all. Then buy a corn cob pipe for $2 and smoke that one as much as you want. Throw out the corn cob pipe before you head back. Problem solved.
  11. thanks for all the info. now, if I just keep it in my normal luggage they shouldnt ask to search it, or confront me about it when i get my luggage back correct?
  12. They probably wouldn't, but even if they did, an unused pipe is just a piece of glass.
  13. Yes I have purchased several pipes on cruises.  Mexico, Caymen, and Jamaica to be exact.  you can throw an unused pipe in the checked bag and fly it home- totally legal
  14. If its just glass with nothing else in it nor drug affliated symbols, then you're fine. You would say its for tobacco use only and leave it at that.
  15. You could always buy a pack of tobacco just to make it look like that what's the pipe is for
  16. Oh shit didn't this thread was started in june
  17. Fuck man can't even type properly, I'm high af

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