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How can I be chill when blazing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by person123, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. A few days ago was the first time I had ever smoked. I took only 2 tokes from only one joint, but even at this small amount, i was incredibly and acting fuckin weird. I mainly wouldn't stop asking questions, and I can tell it really pissed off my friends. I hadn't smoked for the rest of the night, but I still wouldnt shut the fuck up until I went home. Does anyone have any tips for smoking so I act normal and chill and not like a fucking 5 year old? I feel like I couldn't really control anythin I said or did, and I don't even remember very much.
  2. Should say 'hits' from a joint, saying that you toke a joint just sounds strange.

  3. no you should say drags

    and just sit down, relax, think, and feel.

    Just sit back and observe, you will be amazed at what you find.

    After that try to think. It can be about anything really. You will have never thought more deeply in your life. You'll know what I'm talking about.
  4. Dude your friends are douches if they weren't more understanding. It's your first time, and being high is a completely new feeling, obviously you will have questions. Just take a little less next time and enjoy it more.

  5. Can you point out where his friends were too harsh or weren't understanding?
  6. Enjoy it. watch what is going on and the feelings your having. some of the best times smoking are your first, then you just get less high
  7. Why would your friends get annoyed? You were high, they were high as well. You just didn't contain yourself like they did. All of this is new to you that is why you were asking so many questions. As you smoke more, you get more experienced at it.
  8. OP sorry for just noticing this but

    WELCOME TO THE CITY :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :hello:
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    The dude's first high was spent feeling shitty and self conscious cuz his friends were pissed off. OP, maybe your friends will give you a little bit of bud so you can experiment on your own.
  10. just let your mind take in everything in the new light. try and just be yourself, and if your friends still fuck with u chill and smoke with some1 else

  11. Thanks man, for some reason i skimmed over that when I read and re-read his post

  12. No problem man :smoke:
  13. 1. Change your diaper.
    2. Put on your bib.
    3. Eat your food.
  14. I think you get calmer with tolerance. I couldn't talk the first few times I got high because I was laughing so uncontrollably. Now, it's way more manageable and calm. :)
  15. Location, location, location...make sure you are comfortable where you smoke, and make sure you are smoking with some chill people. Sounds like your choice of people to smoke with were kind of uptight, although I would have been fucking with you personally, all in fun of course.
  16. The best way to relaz: After you are done smoking, put on some tunes, sit back and take it all in. Music is one of the greatest experiences during beginner sessions.
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    You take a drag of a cigarette and a hit from a joint. :smoke:

    OP, you just have to always have a blunt in your mouth so you're busy smoking and not talking.
  18. the only way you can keep your composure is to keep smoking and getting high. you almost might wanna find your comfort point when you smoke so you can keep your composure. :smoke:

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