How can I add a screen to my vaporizer?

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  1. Hey everyone, first post (i think),
    Just ordered the VAPORMAX 1. However, people are saying that it burns the weed and it gives off a strong weed smell. I watched a few reviews and they said if you add a screen inside it, it will not burn but vape instead. 
    Video of review here: ---- he mentions he added a screen at 1:55.
    So my question is, how would I add this 'screen' and is there anything around the house I could use for a screen? Or will I have to purchase something special on the net?
    Apparently the Vapormax1 has a thing that spins inside it to create heat; i don't know if thats of any help.... It's just as my parents live in the house I need to be as discrete as possible, so the less smell the better.

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    I just bought one and i also have the review on the vapormax one...the wax/oil part design sucks it has a hard time buring the wax. You can push it down onto the coil but still ends up on the metal funnel and wont burn fully and you will get taste but no vapor/smoke. Soooo i use the dry herb part for my wax but use the mouth piece without that spring. I just drop a dab down that hole and take a hit and got a vary nice hit and burns it good.

    I dont like that little stick coil they always break. My friend just texted me and says the coil for wax broke on him and now he is using the dry herb area as well and enjoying it.

    It does smell. Especially for the people who dont smoke at all. Either let a candle burn and let it smell up your room FIRST for a while then just take a good hit and set it down. When i smoked in my moms house i just packed enough for one hit and held it in tell i thought nothing will come out but still blow it out the window

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