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  1. Hey guys, this is my first grow and I've done a bit of research but been unable to find the answer im looking for.
    Let's say I have a plant that has been topped, leaving 2 nodes below the split.
    How can I coax the lower branches to move up above the fan leaves and become mains?
    The strain is skunk#1 and they are 22 days from seed.
    Planning to scrog and would like as much up through the canopy as I can get.

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  2. fap fap fap...
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  3. I tried that...
    Didnt work.
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  4. Seriously though, Im having trouble understanding whether they will stretch in an effort to find the light or if they need light to stretch.
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  5. both!
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  6. Dude...
    You just blew my mind...
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  9. I appreciate the response.
    I found that tucking constantly and allowing the lower spots to get light caused them to grow out more than the ones that were shaded.
    Ive still yet to tie anything down and ive got near every branch where i want it... I think... lol
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  10. Tie all of your tops down. All of them will usually level out. Search mainlining on youtube.

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  11. Its 3 part gh about 800ppm currently.
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  12. Looking good man. You want them short and bushy. Yes they will stretch if the light is not close enough but they look great. In flower they will stretch. How much I can't say. They sometimes stretch a lot and sometimes not much at all.

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  13. I actually was wondering about their pace.
    This is my first grow and I built the lamp myself with cobs.
    I had it turned up, but burned them as seedlings, after that I havent exceeded 100w at the wall.
    Is this a reasonable amount of growth at 26 days?
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  14. For 100w anyway
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  15. Anyways, as far as the light goes.
    I was thinking...
    This is my logic so hear me out for a moment...
    Typically one wants all possible nodes to be at the canopy level.
    The way of getting nodes from the bottom to the top is to provide the node with light.
    Excluding topping, I do not wish to damage the plants and inhibit growth.
    Tucking inherently reduces the amount of light to one node to provide to another.
    I need to light those nodes to make them come out.
    Side lighting could work, but may also get expensive with what Im using.
    A rotating ring of lights above with a bright central light would cause all areas of the plant to recieve light.
    How do plants feel about light intensity oscillations?
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  16. Hey bro, I'm on my second grow which is a DWC, and my first grow in soil failed due to the plant going hermie. But I'm using the Gas Lantern Routine and can say that this method makes all the lower branches automatically grow toward the top of the canopy. The only problem with the GLT is the plant grows ridiculously bushy. To the point it requires regular defoliation. I'm using this method and it seems to be ok apart from how ridiculously bushy the plant grows. Also, as other people mentioned, getting the most light to the bottom will automatically make lower branches rise to the top.

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  17. Thanks for the response.
    Had to google gas lantern routine lol
    Thats a very interesting plant response that I wasnt aware of.
    How could the difference really be that big when the plant is performing less photosynthesis overall?
    If you top the plants using this would it get too bushy to work with?
    My veros already keep them pretty short.
    I must review delps work, seems like a smart dude.
  18. Basically, the plant is only only getting 12 hours of light so it thinks it's in the flowering stage. But the hour of light tricks it into thinking it's still in veg. So you get a lot of flower hormones building up in the plant. You definitely wouldn't need to top as it would become too bushy, you'd only need to do lst. I'm 8 weeks into veg, got at another month before I'll switch over to flower. But yea the Gas Lantern Routine is something you might consider.

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  19. That is pretty cool.
    Mind if I ask to see a couple pics of yours?

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