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how can anyone say MJ isn't beneficial???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I've been smoking nug for a pretty long time. 10+ years (I'm 22). Over that time, my usage has fluctuated for different reasons. I went from smoking with my friends once in a while..... to smoking everyday....then back to weekly, due to a opiate addiction............then, once i got clean (3 years ago) back to daily......then to now, 5+ times a day.

    Throughout my life I have had sporadic sleeping troubles and constant eating issues. When I was very young, I struggled with acid reflux disease. I still do, but not as much..... but as a direct result, my appetite/stomache has shrinked due to me not wanting to eat. Also, my appetite all but vanished while I was using drugs. I ate once a day... causing my stomache to shrink so small that eating when hungry makes me so nauseous I have actually vomited. After a while, I grew very tired of eating and only did when it was ultra-neccessary.

    Without marijuana I would never, EVER eat. Ever. I have been on methadone matinence for 3 years and 2 months. So my opiate driven appetite loss didn't subside once I quit the dope. I take my dose around 6 am, before work. If I dont smoke, I will still get hungry.... but not for atleast 5 hours. Eating, maybe a bowl of cereal before bed.... after I wake up I can easily go until 2pm before I NEED to eat. I get these stomache pains that feel like my insides are fist fighting. But, no later than 10 minutes after/during smoking I get doubled over with hunger. So hungry that if I dont eat soon after it feels like my stomache will just implode.

    The reason for this post is because of a congresswoman/senetor/some dumb broad from Connecticut legislature. Recently (4-8months), my home state of Connecticut drew up a bill to follow in several states footsteps and make medical marijuana legal....aswell as making the punishment for simple possesion more lenient. I was watching the news the day after the bill got shut down and they were showing footage of the conference/meeting/whatever. There was this woman at the podium who sounded so freakin uninformed, I actually felt bad for her. She knew NOTHING about the topic at hand. She was saying, in other words, that marijuana has non medicinal benefits and that all the "hub-ub" about medical marijuana is just a ploy by ex-hippies and drugies to legalize a dangerous drug. She said that she was in favor of stiffening legal punishements instead of legalizing marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes. I mean, fuck. All this woman had to do was google 'benefits of medicinal marijuana' and she would have, atleast had some knowledge on the matter. Not to say it would change her mind.... but she wouldn't sound like the director of "Reefer Madness".

    Some people sound like they are stuck in old times. Back when they had vicious ad campains against marijuana. Showing a young boy bludgeoning his mother to death with a frying pan.... soley because he was high on 'marihuana'. So many people who have the power to do something about the situation are so blatently ignorant and bias that it truely pisses me off.

    I am one of the very most UNserious cases who need marijuana to assist their everyday lives. If I didn't smoke herb I would shrivel up and eventually puff off in a cloud of mojo dust. There are millions of people with much more serious issues who truely need marijuana to live a happy life. People with cancer and AIDS, eye problems, appetite issues, pain...we all know what pot helps. But, its a damn shame that the people we are supposed to trust to make the right decisions to benefit us and our community don't have the required information to take an unbiased stand. We pay their salaries with our tax money and they don't even take the time out to learn all the facts.

    I'm sure I'm preaching to the chior but maybe, one day, there will be enough people to start a reeferevolution. Wish I didn't spend all my money or herb or I would join NORML:smoke:
  2. And the choir sings our Grasscity anthem...( to the tune of God save the Queen, or America the Beautiful)

    " Oh beautiful formed buds we like,
    O'er Amber trichomes, yeah!

    Our Purple Urkels majesty
    Above the Juicy Fruit plains!

    My Cannabis, My Canna-bliss
    You've shed your grace on me
    And filled my stash, with grams of hash
    From seas to T-H-C'ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    If you ever meet that woman, sing that to her for me, would you?
  3. I love weed. I am glad that I am able to get a medical card if I needed it. But do I really need it?
  4. my ex-headie dealer's dealer moved from CT to Cali and he got a card (supposedly) for havind ADD. If thats the case I would have 3 cards. I have ADHD so bad I'm writing a symphony while typing this
  5. Its easy, they go like this "Marijuana isnt beneficial". My point is that just because something is true doesnt mean that people are going to believe it. About half the population lives in an imaginary world they have invented in their minds, where anything the believe is "true".

    We are starting to gain momentum though. The Democrats have jumped on the med marijuana train to a degree. Medical marijuana is definitly progressing in our direction. 20 years ago people thought it was a joke. Now we have been to the supreme court. If the next 20 years goes like these last 20 years we will be looking at complete legalization and legitimization of MMJ.
  6. Since I am pro medical/legalization of MJ I have had quite a few heated debates with others and I have yet to find one anti med/leg person that can actually develop valid points against the legalization of pot. This one article pissed me off and goes to show you that ignorant people will most likely remain that way.
    I know this is just baseless garbage that I shouldn't get too upset about, but what the hell!!!
  7. What the writer of that article doesnt realize is that her kids are probably already smoking weed, dirty trash weed chemed out with fertilizers and pesticides and smuggled by criminals over the border.
  8. This is the last thing I will say about that stupid writer because they aren't even really worth talking about. Anyways the mainstream(the fake ass)media was playing a video of some dudes smoking out their kids. MJ isn't legal and people still do dumb ass shit. I guess I am glad when people write articles like that because it just goes to show how their argument has no merit.

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