How can an American move to Canada?

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. I've been thinking about this for a long time. I'd like to move up to BC, not just for the weed scene, lax laws, and all the political reasons, but beacuse i want to live at the epicenter of hardcore biking, which happens to be in BC.

    Can an american move to Canada and find work? I'm willing to bust ass and work but i don't know if i can get a job up there due tot he fact that i'm an american citizen. What other stuff do i have to consider when relocating to Canada? Do any of you know how dual citizenship works and if it's possible for an american to obtain it?

    I've looked at websites which basically say nothing useful in 10,000 words about how this would apply to me. It seems they all talk of skilled labor etc. and the coroprate job market. I'll flip burgers, wash dishes, shovel shit, and would actually prefer a job doing physical labor as opposed to having a skilled labor job that requires working with computers and crap. I got mad skills but i don't want to work in those fields because they're absolutely mind numbing and boring. I'd rather shovel shit or do construction or something hands on.

    So, what advice do y'all have, has anyone else gone through this that can give me some tips?

    Also, if i do move to canada do i have to say stuff like "aboot" and end sentences with "eh?"

    But fo'realz, thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  2. I have lost the url, but I saw recently a canuck website which had stuff for people who want to relocate to Canada, and there was a link "self evaluation" or something like that, it gives you questions to answer about your education and work experience and stuff like that and after you complete the questionnaire it gives you a score. If your score is bigger than a set limit you would likely get permission to relocate to Canada. You need to apply for permit in a real interview which checks for the same issues as in the self evaluation test.
  3. Under the NAFTA treaty, isn't there a provision for labour (read: people) moving freely beetween the borders? Assuming of course you're elligeble for a canadian job that pays a certain minimum (not minimum wage, but minum for beeing allowed to emigrate) amount to sustain your stay in canada.
  4. meh..

    makes me wonder..

    wouldn't the world be so much better if everyone just lived where they liked and chilled out?

    puffin on a phat piece of pipe...
  5. damn right D9.

    i hope u find that url finn. that sounds like somethin i wanna check out.
  6. I may just try to employ some mad skills or somethin and get a seasonal job next year. I can easily get a job making 2-5x what i make now and only have to work for 3-5 months out of the year. I don't want to tho, cause i love my current job, it's not demanding timewise, but i work in a field of interest to me and while sometimes my current job can be mind numbing, at other times it requires me to have immense technical and operational knowledge, and i get to work with true professionals in the field. What i do i get an opportunity to be the best there is and i do that. When I have "hot" missions i get to supremely kick ass and take names, and is really an intense experience. My being good at my job saves the lives, livelihood, and homes of many people in sort of an indirect way.

    If i do seasonal work tho, i'm gonna try to get on a smokejumper "hotshot" crew in which my job will entail jumping out of aircraft into the path of a wildfire with 50-100lbs of gear and attempting to survive long enough to stop the fire. To me that's "fun", as i'm a hardcore adrenaline junkie, and anything where i have to struggle and fight for survival and success just makes me feel alive. The more physically and mentally challenging the better. What normal people would consider unimaginable fear and personal horror gives me a 3 foot stiffy. I'm a nut like that. It fulfills my primal fight/flight urge and my animal instincts.

    But if i get a seasonal job i'll just get myself a van and set me up a lil apartment inside so i can go up there and live in it, travel the country, and ride everywhere. Maybe i can get good enough to ride my bike for a living. It prolly sounds pretty crazy but i got dreams maaaan, and if you don't follow your dreams you are just accepting mediocracy and most importantly, you are imprisoning yourself in your mind.

    Everyone follow your dreams dammnit!!!! That's the single most important and monumental thing there is. Dream the "impossible" and pursue it until YOU feel fulfilled. It's not the destination, it's the journey, and when you get there you'll know what it means to truly be alive.

  7. Apparently Americans moving North are now also required to sell their souls to the devil on exiting the USA.

    This is in addition to the usual emmigration procedures.

    Reports are unconfirmed.
  8. Immigrating to Canada as a Skilled Worker

    There is other information about immigrating or just moving to work in Canada on the same website. Apparently there are several different ways to get permission to move to Canada.

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