How can a WORD offend somebody?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Mar 24, 2004.

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  1. Looking at the Fcc thread, it got me thinking on how someone can actually be offended of hearing an offensive word. WHY? IT\'S JUST A WORD. A Sound. \'Fuck\'. Do we feel a need to KEEP such words in a dirty light? FUCK. Has anyone seen George Carlins take on his 7 dirty wrds? Very funny if you haven\'t seen it.

    Fuck: To Hit. Thats what it used to mean. I\'m going to fuck a tree. I\'m going o hit a tree. Same thing.

    So back to my point. If censoring was given up. And little bobby at home blurts out a long \"Fuuucck\" after being told to go to bed, and his parents didn\'t doing anything to him. Thats going to tell bobby that nobody cares about the word.. It\'s just one less thing to worry about..
    I say we throw away censorship, club the people who can\'t take a clue, and do away with censorship.

    And were you that offending to see a nipple on TV at the SuperBowl? Didn\'t think so.
    If I\'ve been rambling, could be to do with the current stoned state I\'m in... :smoke:
  2. i just wanted to say im going crossed eyed now and fixed. i would ban censorship
  3. well as for the the little crumbs at home, fuck is not acceptable for an answer to anything.....neither is screw it, both of which my son has tried at bedtime, so very good example :)..........
    i let alot slide, i mean alot......
    now were out in public.....he says fuckit to his coach now whos in a world of crap....both of us.
    i say fuck it to the cashier at the grocery store for throwing my grapes and smashing them, i look retrospect perhaps i should have said \"fuck you\" to her maybe i wouldnta gotten that look.
    i dunno, its more like manners, i think....

  4. LMAO :smoke:

    I guess it\'s all hypothetical, it would take a bunch of generations to die off before you get a society that never even knew the meaning and power of a word like FUCK. lol.But it would have to start at some point. :smoke:
  5. Another reason to shut down the government and take over the country!!:D

    It\'s not so much the words that are spoken...

    It\'s the meaning that people take the word for..

    Fuck for instance..... most people connect that word as sexual..

    Fuck I just hurt my hand.............. To some people, that means, I just masterbated!!!!:D
  6. ^^^^maybe only in your case......:D

    to me fuck is a pissed off word
    but with its manymany uses noun, adjective,verb, name it has many meanings

  7. You have no idea. Check this out. Hilarious shit.
  8. QUOTE]Originally posted by KB_124 someone can actually be offended of hearing an offensive word....[/QUOTE]

    Being offended by an offensive word is sort of a self defining statement, isn\'t it? If it\'s offensive, you can be offended by it and vice-versa. Am I reading this incorrectly or are you writing it incorrectly?

    ...and do away with censorship.[/QUOTE]

    On what level? Do you mean being able to let anything be said by anyone, with impunity? Or are you talking about public free speech rights, which contain built-in responsibilities and limitations? I can\'t agree with wiping out censorship altogether. There are some things I wouldn\'t want my progeny to witness. Parental censorship is a necessity at least at the beginning of Life. Then there are other levels such as internal censorship (selective amnesia is one result) that you wouldn\'t have control over anyway. I guess what I\'m asking you to do is to expand a bit on your ever so general statement.
  9. It all dependso n the manner of the word and(as BH sed) the way the ppl in earshot take the word.

    some ppl dontl ike swearing, they are offencive words and can be very hurtfull, this point must be remembered

  10. that was mostfucking hilarious i loved it....very nice :D
    *im wondering if i should move this to the box yet*.lol
    hhhm,what the fuck do think?
  11. i say we should censor censorship if it would work like that ...dunno

    ..FUCK! *runs off*
  12. Good fuckinggosh... those links were the funniest fuckers I have ever seen!

    I guess that does it for fucking now...

    Hi Ho Hi Ho off to the fucking box we go!!!!!!!
  13. Fuck the Fucking Fuckers!! i meen like FUCK!!! oooh it feels so good to say just rolls of the tounge(Tong- ue? that is in no way spelt anything like its said.. i\'ma start saying TONGOO from now on)...yes...FUCK! *smiles happily* god that felt good
  14. if fuck and other words were ok any time any where, we would have to have some new \"bad\" words to replace them. they would become like \"darn\", \"gosh\", \"shoot\" etc. its the fact that they are \"forbidden\" that makes them more \"potent\". (sorry, i \"get off\" on using \"quotation marks\" they make ny post look so goddamn motherfucking cool!) owell anyways fuck it--its too fucking smoky in here, goddamn it!

  15. look at the post above yours... something that used cannot be called \"potent\"

    taking offence is just a sign of a conditioned mind
  16. KB, seriously just shut the fuck up. You\'re obviously just a fucking moron asshole who can\'t stop fucking trees. You come in here thinking you\'re the shit, but you\'re really just a pile of shit. Oh yea, your mom is a fucking whorebag slut cunt who I railed up the ass with the butt end of a hockey stick. Offended yet? (I was j/k if you didn\'t realize!)

    Censorship is needed somwhat(OMG! I\'m crrraaazy!) imo. Cursing is just not acceptable in many cases and many times it is just used because of a lack of intelligence. I curse somewhat often, but to people who I know aren\'t offended by it, or to people who are but I feel they deserve to be cursed at.

    I mean if you were at a kid\'s baseball game do you really think it would be just for a parent to start cursing off the umpire from the stands for all the kids to hear, even if he made a terrible call?

    There is a time and a place for adult language. It is not always justified and appropriate. That is all I\'m really saying.

  17. Are you saying there is something wrong with a conditioned mind? Cause if so, we\'re all fucked.
  18. What will happen to South Park under the new FCC\'s heavy hand on TV shows?
  19. It will be fucked!!!! Just like all the rest of the fucking fuckers!
  20. Damn! Stupid Fuckers!

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