How Can A Guy Just Be A Girls Friend?

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  1. Girls have trouble believing it because most men can't hold platonic friendships with hot chicks, lol. I couldn't trust my last ex to be friends with ugly chicks!
  2. I grew up in a small town and lived on a street where several boys my own age (4) lived. I became very good friends with a lot of them throughout grade school and into high school. My best friend, is in fact, male. We have been friends for 13+ years. We still hang out and talk frequently to this day, even though I've been in a serious relationship for the past four years.
    It works for some, not for all. 70% of my friends are boys I grew up with.
  3. it's not impossible. blanket statements do not work for everyone :rolleyes: i have plenty of girls that are friends that i do NOT want to have sex with. most of them are very pretty ;)
    that is to say, if the opportunity presented itself i'm sure i'd bone :p
  4. There's girls I'm friends with, and not anything more.  But if the opportunity came up, best believe I'd have sex with em.
  5. You misunderstood, baby mama. I think guys and gals can be total platonic friends.

    Im 22 Not 12. And I wouldn't fuck most of my guy friends. Can't same the same for them but regardless, we all stayed friends while we were in and out of relationships.
  6. This thread is an excellent tool for determining a person's maturity level. So much fail on the part of the blades. 
    Meanwhile you contribute zip, speak for yourself. 
  8. [​IMG]
    Maturity level? Hahahahaha. 
    I'm not going to argue with you. Been there. It got old. Think what you want. Say what you want. 
  11. Are any of them attractive to you? So youve never had sexual desire for any of them ever?

    Because they probably do or did at one point.
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    I have binders full of female friends (nod to Romney).  My best friend is female.  Her name is Tonya and she is the fiercest bitch this side of the Rio Grande.  I've had several that wanted to "turn me" but I've never had sexual desires for any of them.  I did however share a boyfriend with two girls (long story).  Bisexuals are a lot of work.  
  13. How can a guy be a girl's friend.  Pretty much only if one of them is not attractive
  14. I see them as brothers. In my eyes, they'll always be the goofy kids I grew up with. NEITHER are unattractive, per say, but I do not see them in that manner. I see them as my family.
  15. I don't get how attraction between friends makes the friendship void and "false". Why would that be true?
    In my personal experience, it isn't true. I have friends who I would have sex with if I could. I have friends I do have sex with. A couple buddies who would like to have sex with me, but who we actually are friends outside of that. (I can tell when someone ONLY wants to have a chance at sex with me, and these people are not my friends, but Orbiters. I do not trust them, I do not hang out with them, and I do not encourage them, because many are delusional). 
    There is one girl who I virtually fell for upon meeting. Every time we hung out, she impressed me more, and she gave off countless clues that she was lesbian. She flirted with me, wanted to walk arm in arm with me, danced with me, commented like straight boys do on my boobs and eyes, sat just close enough to touch me, and always kept me guessing. I asked her out after a while. Turns out, she's arrow straight, and was doing all those things cause she's just that comfortabe around girls (apparently even girls who specifically say that they are bi and flirt with her back.) Was I disapointed? yes. But I still thought she was awesome, even with the knowlege that I would never date her. We are still friends now, though I have made her dial back on the flirtiness. 
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    I love you a little bit.
    Ain't nothing wrong with loving the way women look and discussing it (even I like looking at chicks), but it's such a turn off for me those guys who are all "caveman" about woman, talk about "pussy" all the time etc. Some of my best male friends are exactly like that, and that's just one reason I'm not physically attracted to them because it just doesn't do anything for me.
    Something about men being respectful to women is super attractive

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