How Can A Guy Just Be A Girls Friend?

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  1. I get put in the friendzone a lot....but there's been a few times i didn't stop talking to them and they came around to having sex at a later time. guess it took them awhile to get used to me and realized they like me.
    i think my problem is it's hard for me to talk to girls sometimes and i sort of freak out at first when im becoming friends to a girl and cant actually believe its happen......uuggggghhhh fml

  2. Eh, not all girls want to have sex right away. Ill gladly show my men my body and talk about it ;P but they have to earn the rest, or some girls like your girlfriend are crazy prude (no offense man!) ;P

    Also, just learn to relax when with the ladies, if they like you, they'll like you regardless so be yourself and talk away!
  3. She's not my gf anymore....idk if she realizes that but i broke up with her after that fiasco yesterday. she lent me the money but after i pay her back on Saturday i plan on never talking to her again.
  4. I was going to say ex but didnt want to assume.
    Wasn't thinking about him, I just thought having kids forced people to grow up and mature my bad. 
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  6. I'm actually pretty grown up, very mature. I don't think you can judge who I truly am just by a couple of posts on the Internet. You know absolutely nothing about me except who you think you've perceived me to be, and sadly your a bit mistaken. If you would like to judge me, get to know me first.
  7. My best friend is a chick. I never liked her, but she liked me a long time ago. She's now pregnant, and I'm very good friends with her boyfriend and her still.
  8. If you don't like them, it's easy as pie to have a platonic friendship!
  9. Solace, it's called RESPECT. not all guys are that way, many years ago, when i was young, i was that way, until a girl opened my eyes. She said, we are not just another piece of meat.
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  10. lol, Before the update I only read the threads that I subbed to. Now it shows all the recent ones I find myself laughing at this site an the stuff people say on it a lot more.   Guess this topic is more for single guys because i'm friends with all of my girlfriends girlfriends. I'll go to the movies or get lunch with them if their husbands are at work and my g/f is at work.
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    Do any of you that think guys and girls can't be friend have a sister or mom?
    Has anyone ever said "Yooo, your mom's a milf!" or "Yooo, your sister's hot bro!"
    Obviously you don't agree because they're you're mom and sister.
    It's like that in a way. Others may think of them as hot, I think of them as a friend and nothing more.
    Ps; stop posting that video everywhere. It's obviously one sided, have you not heard of media bias? They're not going to post the clips with guys saying "No way! She's just a friend!"
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  13. are people creative anymore what kind of question is this use your brain, no guys and girls "just" be friends
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    I think guys and girls can be friends initially. But then you spend time together and hormones work their magic, and boom.

    I've been friends with guys I'd never fuck because they were ugly or fat.

    And I've had guy friends who were married and who would never stray. We would go to dinner, the club, whatever. It was totally innocent, hanging out.

    Sure they would probably screw me if we were in a different time and place but the way things were then, I was married and a lot of them were in relationships. It was totally platonic.

    Edit: in sick of that video as well. Oh it's from YouTube so it must be true -_-
  15. Yes im only 24 and ive always thought any hot girl I saw was only something to be conquered.
    But only recently have I begun to see the world for what it really is..

    And I realized that girls are people, they have their own mind and soul and are living this difficult life
    Right along with us..they go through lifes hardships just like we do.

    And they are not in this world just to please your carnal instinct.

    I use to be the kind of guy that would never see an ex because if they werent
    With me then they didnt exist and meant nothing, were worth nothing.

    If I cant have you noone will that type of deal..but I had a sort of epiphany
    Lately and one of the things I realized is that you dont OWN someone just
    Because they decided to share some of their life with you.

    You are fortunate to have experienced any time at all with them bc you
    Really have no rights to them, they belong to noone but themselves, and can do
    With their love as they please.

    And the guys that think they have ownership or a right to someones life.are just
    Hitler in a condensed asshole version.

    This has nothing to do with the thread but thought id let that out.
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  16. You can't if there is attraction. 
  17. I don't talk to any girls that I don't wanna fuck. I'm not really really close with any girls like im not any girls best friend/brother type so there's always a possibility to fuck if we're drinkin or something just happens...

    Not to say I'm not completely fine with having certain girls just as friends cause I am, but generally it's more pleasant to be around hot girls anyway even if your not bangin them.
  18. I disagree. I've spent plenty of time with my friends and we're still just friends.

    At one point, my friend J saw me naked and it didn't even phase him. It was so embarassing for me.

    And my friend E, one drunken night, saw a picture on my phone that was risqué (on accident)...all he said was "good for you".

    I just know how they are and they're not pussies. If they wanted to fuk me they have had AMPLE time to say something, fuck I even asked after one of these threads years ago. I was firmly told no, because the friendship was too good to ruin.

    I don't care what y'all wanna think, but I know guys and girls can have a platonic relationship...
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  19. There's stuff that I can say to any guy really that I feel uncomfortable telling a girl I'm not sleeping with. Maybe I have psychological problems from growing up in a house of women.
  20. My inconsistent sex drive might have something to do with this, but I've got plenty of pretty female friends that I don't care to sleep with.  Occasionally I might get drunk and want to bang one of 'em, but the next day when I'm clear headed I'll think, "wtf??..meh..whatever".  There is a negative side to it all; if I'm dating a girl, she's usually jealous of my female friends and thinks I'm fucking around on her.  They see things the same way you do - "How can you just be friends with a hot girl?"  I don't know, I just can.  

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