How Can A Guy Just Be A Girls Friend?

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  1. So ive always wondered why girls think they actually have guy "friends".

    I have plenty of girl "friends" whom are either so by default bc I met them
    When they were dating someone and just kind of befriended each other instead.

    Or any other circumstance which would constitute a friendship rather than a relationship, I.e co-workers, family friends, schoolmates, w/e.

    However my sexual attraction to them is, has, will always be there, and either they dont realize that or just act like they dont.

    And im talking to every guy when I say this..

    You do not have a an attactive female of similar age and culture in front of you and not wish you could somehow get in those..openly or secretly..but you do.

    I cant do it, I cant possibly understand how a platonic friendship with a female youre attracted to can happen.

    Point of the story is..ladies if youre decent looking and have a bunch of guy buddies who love your personality oh so much. They all want to tap that.

  2. Either the guy thinks they are ugly or the girl thinks the dude is ugly. 
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  4. :hello: :yay: send to me!!!
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  6. Haha, im not some one you want to see :p trust me! You'll be much happier using your imagination.
    Ill go ahead and accept your challenge!
  7. actually no, I wouldn't :p
    Could have sworn I saw you say you had a kid somewhere. 
  9. You see what happens every time you mention pics Brianna?
  10. Haha, im not some one you want to see :p trust me! You'll be much happier using your imagination.
    Hah thats not true at all
  11. I've done it before with a girl I found to be hot but completely turned off by her sexually. She was too much of a whore for me. We could hangout and smoke and drink but never so much as kissed. She was like a bro haha
  12. Yeah, if I see a hot girl I automatically want to bang her, so yeah.... 
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    Ehh. I'm not a girly girl so even if my guy friends thought I was attractive I wouldn't really be their type. I've had guys tell me on mutiple occasions that I'm their ni*ga and they fart, talk about bitches and even ask for my advice with other females. I'm sure they'd all fuck me, but guys would fuck any somewhat attractive girl. Shit, some guys will fuck fat girls or girls with busted ass faces. That doesn't mean that they're constantly thinking about banging me. It doesn't mean that they want to bang me, just that they would. And none of them have ever hit on me so. Obviously guys and girls can be friends. It just depends on the type of girl and the type of guy.

    I also assume age has something to do with it.
  14. Just because a guy has normal feelings for the opposite sex, it doesn't mean they can't be friends.

    Now, I do have three, very close, guy friends. One would probably have sex with me if I asked, but he's a manwhore so it doesn't mean anything, really. The other two are just like brothers. We grew up together, we leaned on each other and got into shit together.

    I know, for a fact, they wouldn't have sex with me... and that doesn't offend me at all. Hahaha. You aren't sexually attracted to your sister... same concept.

    Oh yeah, and two of my friends are extremely attractive, and they have great personalities... but I think since we know each other, so well, the attraction isn't there.
  15. Can a guy just be a girls friend?
  16. See, for women if they think your friends, then your "Friends" however real friendship is not so one-sided and very mutual. I firmly believe that if a man has zero interest in you romantically he wouldn't be talking to you outside of work or any other obligations.
    Call me this, call me that, i don't care, i've lived for 23 years as a man, i know how we think and women are as clueless as i am in regards to how their mind works, like i said, friendship is mutual. Doesn't mean i don't hang out with women but i mean if i'm not interested i doubt i would be hanging out with that person, i'm a little bit wild anyways. 
    This video is all over this forum and i find it funny how its pretty much a spitting image to the responses in this thread. 

  17. It's totally do-able, I have 2 really good friend that are girls. They're like family to me. Sure there's some mutual attraction, we've spoken about it before...but the friendship itself is too great to ruin with just sex. They're both gorgeous btw
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  20. im not sure really, in the old days like in rome or something, i dont this guy/girl friendships was something common
    now a days it is
    i got one girl i call my best friend, but the thing is that when i met her first, i ended up sleeping with her, but after that ive found out she is such a chill person that i have a perfectly good time with her just being friends and we have been so for like over a 2 years?
    but then again, sometimes when im drunk with her, ill start to want to hook up with her, but i control myself, and i usually thank myself the day after for saving me from possibly an awkward encounter!
    so im not sure really :)

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