How bulls get payback (graphic but not gorey)

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    I really dont have that much sympathy for guys like him. I mean shit, the bull is bleeding with 5 sticks in him and many cuts on his body
  2. that doesnt look very real. fuck bull fighting too, i feel bad for it
  3. I don't see anything wrong with bullfighting. I always hope the bull gores the hell out of the bullfighter, though.

    If you can eat a hamburger without feeling sorry for the cow that was slaughtered to make it, then why feel any worse for a bull in a bullfight? Bulls aren't pets like dogs, so I can understand getting upset over dog fighting and such... but bulls are not companion animals.
  4. Because killing an animal for food and nourishment is different than torturing an animal for sport. One is for survival, the other is just complete cruelty.
  5. Thats just it. I dont feel sorry. For either side. Bullfighting is going to always continue. No need to dwell on that. But I also have no pity for the guys fighting the bulls. Zip, zilch, nada. The worse pain they are in, the more I laugh. They die, I just peed myself
  6. Explain to me the difference. Do you think the animal killed for food doesn't suffer to some degree? Or is their suffering fine because we're going to consume them? Seems like a double standard to me.

    It isn't as if bulls are an endangered species. Some folks enjoy violence. Does that make them terrible people? Terrible people are the ones buying and selling little girls into slavery, not fighting bulls.

    I agree. I think anybody who is willing to fuck with a bull deserves to get the horns.
  7. Whats the difference? The girls arent being stabbed.

  8. Sure they are, with needles and dick. They're kept fucked up on drugs so that they just lay there for some sick fuck to rape them.

    If you're going to be outraged about something, at least make it worth being outraged over.
  9. Seems like there'd be some blood on that horn and on the dude's face if he got impaled in the mouth :confused:

    I remember seeing a video of a guy getting thrown from a bull, then one of it's hind legs came directly down on his forehead...yeah it was a mess

  10. Perhaps the pic was taken before the blood had a chance to ooze out? Doesn't look fake to me.
  11. And if you can actually do something about it. I would love it if I could stop the bullfights, child rape, ect ect but I cant. What I can do is prepare myself mentally and physically for the day that I can make a difference.
  12. Yes its real. I got it off a news site from stumbleupon. I already closed that window

  13. I think crimes against humanity FAR outweigh crimes against animals. They are not sentient, to me their suffering is of lesser importance. Companion animals deserve more compassion because of their history with mankind. Most other domesticated animals for food and such, I just don't feel the same amount of sympathy.

    I might be in the minority on this one. If bullfighting were abolished, I wouldn't fight to have it back or anything.
  14. yeah guys, this is completely acceptable in a civilized age



    you can't justify any bloodsport

  15. Why not?
  16. I don't know, I wasn't thinking about blood just oozing out, I would've thought there'd be blood on the horn at least because it had to go through his face... or at least some blood in the air

    Not saying it's fake, just thought there'd be more blood from the human
  17. good for the bull. good for ya.:smoke:

  18. ummm idk maybe because they are cruel :rolleyes:

    or maybe that there are illegal in most first world nations
  19. It was on the internet, so it must be real.
  20. Being of Spanish descent, I still think bullfighting is outdated and fucking deplorable, and I have no sympathy whatsoever for those "bullfighters".
    Serves those sick fucks right, hurting an animal like that for fucking sport, for entertainment is downright deranged.

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