how bout this co2 system???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by pepperman, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. i was looking for something simple and found this really cheap way with the 2 liter bottle and the air hose with the mixture of bread yeast, bakin soda, and sugar...

    would anybody suggest or knock this down?

    im guessing you cant really regulate how much is produced, so can you add too much co2 or is better the more u have?
  2. Many many people use this CO2 making method on these forums, they usually mix it up in a milk bottle and fix a hose to it making the co2 go over the plants. Im pretty sure u cant have to much co2. However i may be wrong.

  3. increased co2 levels requires better lighting, to ensure the plants get the correct ammount of light to co2 ratio as they usuall would
  4. does anyone have a tutorial on how to mix this up? or a diy
  5. ill be runnin a 400w hps/mh
    you guys think this will be enough co2 for 2 plants?
  6. yes you can have too much c02 but you are not gonna get close to that level with this method. You would need a c02 burner to get a toxicity

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