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How big?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hausen, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. What is the biggest bong or sidecar or anything you have hit?

    The biggest ive ever hit is a 13.5 foot bong, i had to climb up into an attic and rip it from there as my friend packed bowls continously to milk it and it didnt go stale so it was awesome rips.
  2. He had a 2 story garage so we jumped up intot the beams up at the top with a ladder.
  3. amazeing... now tell me it was made out of glass :-o *stares in disbelief*
  4. wtf was it made out of!

  5. fecal matter and newspaper.
  6. Just a big 3 liter bottle i once used before, some nice hits on it but i just couldn't begin to imagine the size of a hit on a 13 and a half foot bong!!!!

  7. I've smoked on some pretty cool stuff in my days, but never anything EXTREME like 13 feet. My old dealer had a 6 foot really thin, wine bottle or whatever it was. That hit very nice, big, but not too big.

    I recently made and still have about a 5 and a half footer. It's base holds about a galon of water for perfect hits. It's a huge tub that cat litter came in, with an air tight snap on lid. The whole thing is durable plastic. I made the bowl and stempiece out of a maglite. Used scissors in a rotating motion to make a whole the exact size of the maglite, then put some electrical tape on the mag lite where I wanted it to seal in the hole. This whole setup ended up being perfect because you could just unscrew the top of the maglite to carb and to dump out ashes.

    Then I did the same thing to the top where I took a mop handle that I cut the mop off of and is used as the barrell(?). The mop handle is the longest part, that's probably 4 feet long and the bucket bottom is about a foot and half tall.

    Off subject, I made a peace pipe out of a blowgun barrell and hand painted it. It's beautifull.
  8. Biggest I've ever hit was 6ft acrylic. Harsh!! I'd like to hit this though .... ;)

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  9. I've hit a gigantic waterpipe about 4 ft. long before. I had to have someone else light it and hold the carb for me. When they let go of the carb, I almost hacked up a lung.

  10. what? you couldn't carb it with your toe? hehehe ;)
  11. a 6 foot bong that was my biggest man i was nocked on my ass. i had to stand on my friends bed to hit that shit. good times good times.

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