how big to veg??

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  1. hey guys....i just started week 4 of the vegging stage. im growing bag seeds in a 36"H x 18"W x 20"L grow box i made. Im using 7 x 26w 6500k CFL's....plants are about 6 inches tall w about 3 much longer and how much tall should i let them get before i switch my lights to 12-12?? keep in mind their only bag seeds so idk anything about there history or how tall there supposed to grow. Also this is my first grow so im just trying to see it works before i purchase seed online. (also so far no nutes.....can anyone suggest nutes from walmart or lowes that would be good for this stage??? i don't live near any hydro stores to find fox farms?

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  2. I'd veg to 6-8 inches tall. They look a little stretchy, I'd lower the lights in possible. Go to store that sells debit style gift cards and go to and buy stuff. Miracle grow will work for you, but use 1/2 strength. It's not bad like most people say, you just have to use to in moderation because it's strong.
  3. I'm starting a grow box same size like yours, with 8 x 23w cfl's and I was a bit concerned about heat. How many fans do you have? TIA.

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