How big should the pot be?

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  1. hey Guys...

    Wondering how big my pot should be for my plants.. I'll like to have as many plants in a small room as possible,, (1X1 M at max..) I'm wondering if 6,5 liters pots would work.. since 11 liters are the next step, and they are a bit too big for my new grow room..

    Greets -- Tha :wave:
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    It's usually considered best to have at least 1 gallon for every foot of vertical growth expected. 3+ gallon pot for 3 foot plant, 4+ gallon pot for 4 foot plant, etc. But bigger pots than needed certainly can't hurt. ;)

    1 gallon = 3.79 liters
    1 foot = 30.48 centimeters

    I've seen some grows pulled off that used quite small pots for plants that grew to 3-4 feet tall, though. This is one that comes to mind.

    Good luck. :)
  3. You want one of these.


    That mutha is 40 gallons.

    I am, of course, intending to grow a plant 40 foot high.
  4. Thanks man :)

    I'll see how big a pot there's space for, but then at least a couple of gallon ..:)

  5. Okay, Gool luck vegging until the girl is 40 foot high.. damn a grow room you got.. :eek: :smoking:

  6. That´s a wimpy little American gallon.

    A ROBUST Imperial gallon is 4.55 litres.

    But don´t you Yanks also have, confusingly, a DRY gallon of about 4 litres.

  7. I grow on my roof, but tie them down if they start getting a bit visible to the local pond life.
  8. yea, but their Veg period ain't controllable if you grow outside :)

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