How big should I expect these ladies to get

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  1. I'm in northern California 1 more month of veg to go!
  2. How long is a piece of string?
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  3. You obviously entered my thread with the intent to troll. If your unable to answer move along.
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    Three more feet.
    But maybe only two.

    I was not trolling. There is no correct answer to your question. It's like guesstimating how many jelly beans are in a jar.
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  5. How do I get plants like this!!!

  6. I'd say my plants are comparable to these here

    That's June 22 last year. Since we have similar sizes what do I need to accomplish to keep my growth up with his? I'm currently using advanced nutrients all 3 parts. Should I add anything else to my regimen? TIA!
  7. If you want plants like his just kind of copy what he does. But this is just personal opinion but...I find advance nutrients to be over priced, over hyped mediocre nutrients. His plants look ok healthy I guess, but I really dont think theyre that big. Those old school norcal threads that got locked, now those dudes had real plants. They were organic and were absolute monsters. Some were 12ft and just as wide. I only use organic amendments and soil, and I have a short growing season and have had my plants get massive in the past. More room for roots means bigger plants as long as everything else is dialed in. Here is a grow I did strictly just top dressing the soil and using a few teas. Turned out better than Id hoped. Most were in the 9-10 ft range with one hitting 12 ft. This pic was taken from way up in a pine tree i climbed. IMG_20170831_151204.jpg
  8. In cali sun should have 8 to 10 ft trees. Im super jealous of you guys.
  9. Well, for one thing I noticed the plants in the video have been topped and scrogged.
    How old are yours? How long have they been vegging?
    I germinate my seeds normally about the end of March - beginning of April, set my plants out about the end of April - beginning of May with supplement *anti flower* CFL bulbs on a timer. I take down the lights and put them away in June.
    I don't know what to say about your nutrients.
    I make pretty cheap soil (I think) and just add water from the hose. I do top dress with a little fishbone meal on occasion, but other than that I really don't mess with it beyond watering and topping.
    Click on the link below to go to the octopus's garden, where you can see pretty much all I do. It starts off kinda wordy, but I don't think you can grow a weed plant any simpler than what I do.
    I grew a plant one time and did the math. I don't recall to the penny, but I calculated it cost me $2 and a little change per oz of bud to grow my own. That's not counting the water. But my landlord pays for water and he'll let me know when I go over his expectations.
  10. My Clones were purchased in April. They've been outside since mothers day. Thanks for the information your freaking awesome!
  11. I've never bought clones. I did try cloning on my own a few times. The ones that worked out for me were great if you like uniformity. They all looked the same, grew the same.....

    From my personal experience, or 'perception' if that's what it is, plant's grow much more rapid and vigorous from seed.
    Perhaps that's the difference you're looking for?
    Not sure I'm ready to etch that in stone yet.
    I think if I were in a contest to grow the 'biggest' plant, I don't see myself starting out with clones.
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  12. I have heard the same thing too. Plants from seed grow with more vigor than clones. It's just the way Mother Nature designed it.
  13. At some point in my hobby, if my heart ever leans toward a perpetual grow, I think clones would be my first choice.
  14. They are convenient. Especially to keep genetics around (I miss my Casey Jones).
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  15. I've grown some quality monsters from clones and never had to worry about sexing. Then again I use teas all the way through the grow, top dress with organic compost, and use very little if any nutrients, and I don't use liquid nutrients. They are pricey and a waste. I grow in 100 gallon smart pots here in NorCal Foothill and average between 2-3 lbs per plant of some tight bud.
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  16. Girl Scout Cookies clone from purple city Genetics from Oakland CA. Approx 7-8 weeks old. IMG_20190715_074620.jpg

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  17. Sexy girl im looking to run a gsc next i dont have easy access to clones yet hopefully one day we will over here :(
  18. Central California here. I have 2 White Widow plants that I grew from seed. One is 8 feet tall and the other is just under 10 feet. Kicking myself for not topping them off, but there's always next year. In the meantime, it's fun watching how beastly they're getting. These pics were taken a couple weeks ago and they've both grown a solid foot since then. Expecting them to bud any time now. Good luck with yours!!

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  19. Great looking plants.

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