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How big is the ziplock bag a zip comes in?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spitzz, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Does it come in one of the double zip freezer bags?

    Like this?:


    Thanks blades :p
  2. I assume "zip" means an ounce, in which case the bag is probably a quart bag.
  3. half sandwich bag or a regular sandwich bag.

  4. Theres no way an ounce can fit in that.
  5. A zip just means an ounce
  6. Def not a freezer... thats for quaps and pounds. nah just a regular non ziploc sandwich bag should fill completely with a zip depending on how dense or fluffy the bud is.

  7. Really? I couldn't imagine an ounce in a sandwhich bag. Never saw it before :p

    Thanks for the help man.
  8. this is dumbb
  9. get a scale,theere cheap. 1 28 grams ,not including the bag..
  10. An ounce is really not that much

    It's called a zip because of the normal size sandwhich baggies

    An ounce fills it to the top and you zip it shut... a full baggie of weed is a zip

    An ounce also fits in a non zip sandwhich baggie, the kind that you have to fold over.
  11. However big he decides to buy at the grocery store...
  12. I'd go by the weight on the scale...
  13. lol'd at how stupid this thread really is.

    big enough to hold an ounce?

    damn. that was harder to answer than writing an essay on quantum physics with my feet.
  14. a gallon?

  15. I got the wrong pic lol, thought it was a quart when I pasted it
  16. Here was my OZ i picked up a day before halloween, to bad I finished it today.


    Uploaded with

  17. An ounce is honestly half a sandwich bag if its fluffy or just harvested. My ounce was dense and weighed out, and it actually was like 1/3 of the bag haha.
  18. What ever bag the dealer decides to put in it, this is a pretty stupid question.

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