How big do the plants have to be before taking clones?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HighOnTheHill, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Never tried cloning before and I'm looking to do my first one. I wanna take 2 clones from each plant, of which I have 7 left. Just the very bottom 2 shoots but most of them are pretty small.

    My plants have approximately 5-6 internodes are are about 4-5 inches tall, i really cant measure them because I can't find my damn measuring tape ANYWHERE. The 'branches" really aren't that long so I'd have to cut them off at the very base of the stem, which is fine by me, but I'mnot sure if they're big enough?

    How long do they need to be? I'd say mine are like 2-3 inches on average, some are 4". Good enough?
  2. Eh pic of 'em. Forgot.

  3. no sir, i would wait till they get to about a foot tall / or the side branching gets sturdy enough to take cuttings from, clones you take have to have at least four nodes on a branch, and while you could take the whole branch i would let it grow out more so you can have more clones or just sturdier ones..
    hope that helps man:wave:
  4. Sweet dude, that's what I thought but I was just wondering. I think they're drooping because they're rootbound, some of the stems are starting to turn purple too and that seems to be another symptom of a rootbound plant.

    I have some grow bags (3 gallons) that I intend to transplant them into but I was hoping to sex them before I did that. I just pulled a male up today, so I've got 7 plants and 6 bags =/ Really don't wanna chance throwing out a female and having one of my 6 kept plants turn out to be a male =/

    Be okay to keep 'em in there for maybe another week?

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