How big can they get?

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  1. I have 14 plants outside near the coast in oregon. I am a first time grower, and struggled from the go. They looked like shit, but bounced back real nice. I have not done any topping/trimming to them and have pretty much let them grow on there own. I water/feed them when I can, but it hasn't been all that often. I checked them yesterday and 3 of them are over 6 feet already. One is 6 feet tall and like 5 feet wide. How much bigger will these get? They still don't have any bud on them yet. They are all dug into the ground in 3-5 foot holes with happy frog soil.
  2. I am in Oregon and my plants are still stretching. You plants are in the middle of the stretch right now in Oregon for the most part. If they are 6' now expect another foot to two feet.

    Check out my grows in the sig below. Find the dates they were posted on todays date last year. You will see how much bigger they can get at this time of year. the 2011 thread shows it well for I was just looking at it. I am also in Oregon so are flowering times should be close depending on strains that is.
  3. Nice man. I just checked it out. Your my neighbor too hah. I'm in Gresham. How much do you usually get from your outdoors? I am knew to this, but I got a buddy helping who got 38 pounds last year. I am just hopping to end up with a couple. He said during flower they could take off and get a couple more feet. I just don't want to end up with something to big that will need a lot of TLC at the end. 2 of them are already starting to lean a little cus there to big.
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    Stake them or use trillis netting of you will lose over half in storms. It's a most with large plants. The stems cannot hold up the colas. They will get wet and fall to the dirt. When the storms come the wind will snap all your branches. More so on the first coastal Oregon storm.

    STAKE THE HELL OUT OF THEM if they are as big as you say they are.

    In 2011 thread I got about 1.5 lbs in the pots maybe more but not 2lbs. The plants in the ground I got 3lbs

    My grow this year with late start. Hoping for 1lb each. But I think I may do better.

    In 2009 thread I got 5lbs plant and 1 1/4lb in the pots.
  5. Oh yes I can't wait for harvest this year I'm guessing 3-5 a plant on my big beauties and a lb or so off the smaller twenty and twenty five gallons. Going to be a good year and I thank the ganja gods today for sparing my neighborhood from the fires raging here that destroyed a few gardens of people I knew really sucks. At least everyone is OK that's what really matters.
  6. Another foot or two?? What the hell am I gonna do? I'm gonna have to get out there and sink all the containers in the

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