How big are your pickups?

Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I was wondering how much you guys usually get at a time and why, so lets have a convo :D

    I usually get eighths because if i lose out on 40 bucks im not too disappointed, and i dont mind doing an occasional pick up weekly.
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    usaully go with an eighth, but in these times of recession i go with a dub...
  3. Half oz to oz pretty much everytime.
  4. Depends on my intention. Normally its 1/4oz - 1/2oz but if people only have shit I'll buy an 1/8th until I can find better stuff.
  5. same, ill buy more if its cheap though.
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    Like to grab an LB if the price is right and I'm not harvesting a grow soon. :)

    My definition of "right" compared to most differs greatly though. lol
  7. I scrape together money, so I'm a dub-sacker by trade
  8. 10 grams and bigger.
  9. I grow my own now, but when I did buy, I would buy 1-2oz at a time. It was just cheaper that way.
  10. I buy all over the spectrum, smaller amounts recently.
  11. havent bought less than an ounce in about a year, with a few exceptions.
  12. 1/8's on occasion when I got mad cash to throw around, dubs when money is tight.
  13. 1/8's but I plan on startin to buy 1/4's.
  14. I buy anywhere from a dub to a half, obviously as the increments get smaller the pick-ups become more frequent :smoking:
  15. Either a Quarter or a half oz depending on my funds.
  16. cop quads to get to know a new connect than its nothin less than a zip cuz its just economical that way and if any of my friends cant ever find some ill toss em a bowls worth cuz im a nice guy.
  17. Usually 1/2 oz or an ounce. I like to have a nice amount and not have to worry about getting in with my dealer too often. He is a pain in the ass to work with sometimes.
  18. it varies each time since i don't have a job..
    lately it's been 20 at a time because that's the highest amount of cash i can accumulate at once.

    generally it was anywhere between an 8th to a half oz. have never bought over a half o at a time..
  19. eighth a week or so, might buy an extra dub on the weekend... :smoking:
  20. always buy weight!

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