How big are these going to get? (Pics)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Motocole85, Jul 19, 2019.

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    I've been lsting them all the way and have many tops. Just curious how tall/big these are going to get? Am I going to have 6 huge bushes? They are day 3 of 12/12 and vegged for 61 days.

    1000w hps
    Jack herer, girlscout crack, blueberry
    5 gallon pots of happy frog
    Flora trio + diamond nectar, armor si, calimagic, liquid KoolBloom, and flora blend.

    20190719_010139.jpg 20190719_010150.jpg 20190718_073442.jpg 20190719_010204.jpg 20190718_073444.jpg 20190719_010208.jpg
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  2. Going to be nice. Keep us posted
  3. Thanks man will do!
    I'm hoping they are monsters. I have a 1gpw goal
  4. Great looking plants. You ll have a nice harvest.
  5. Hey thanks, I sure hope so. Ive had my mind set on 1gpw so would be 1000grams is the goal, a little over 2.2 pounds. I realize all variables that come into it. That was just my goal going into this grow and I think its reasonable with mysetup. Ive given them an almost near perfect environment. Humidity coulda been higher and more constant during veg, and temps were a bit high until I exhausted out my window.
    This was also my first time tieing down branches, so learned as I went. But overall they are great so far. I haven't had plants look this good and have 0 deficiencies throughout veg before. That was nice to watch them thrive hardcore for 61 days!
  6. Yea I can see getting your goal on that as long as all things continue to go well. I have my first three good plants all setup just like this and ready to go. :) mine are autoa though. I have three and my goal is 6 oz. I have set my bar very low since my first grow with 2 plants I only got 2 oz.
  7. Nice.
    I cant wait to see the stretch take place. I'm interested to see how big these get
  8. That depends on your definition of "huge bushes" they look good but 5.5 oz per plant is a hefty goal. Good luck
  9. Indeed hefty, but 1 gram per watt is fairly reasonable if all conditions are right I believe
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  10. How long did you veg for?
  11. 61 days from seed is when I started 12/12 which was 4 days ago.

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