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how big and how much $ is a gram of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oh HIGH there, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. how big is it (inches millimeters centimeters, etc) and how much for a gram of good weed
  2. Size doesn't work, the density of the nugget can vary making a pebble sized nug heavier than a quarter sized one. There is also seeds and stems, seeds can make a small amount heavier and stems can stretch out a light amount to 'look' fatter.

    A gram of good weed depends, one guy may do it for 3 bucks another 100, really depends on what kind of man you deal with.
  3. 15$ and a gram is enough for a good blunt or j. idk about ur measurements nobody takes a ruler to their bud. Just eye it, squeeze it, if its crystaly, hairy and dense its good.
  4. Lol, it varies in size dude. It all depends how dense the bud is. Just get a scale and weigh it, don't try to eye ball, you're obviously not going to be able to successfully :eek:

    And a smart smoker never pays more than 20 a gram for good stuff. People try to ask for more, I just tell them take it or leave it. Let your dealer know you wont be cheated!
  5. Get a scale. Then buy a gram of the best bud you can for $20. Weigh it and see if he's legit.
  6. what would it say on the scale like 1.0 or something
  7. Go to a smoke shop, bring 20-30 dollars, and say "I want a gram scale!"
    Then buy one. It'll weigh it only in grams. Yuhhhhhh
  8. On a gram scale 1.0 is 1.0 grams. On a pound scale obviously it wouldn't budge with a gram.
  9. 20 dollars for a gram of dank is kind of the standard, atleast where I'm at. 15 dollars a gram is more reasonable tho, nobody should pay 20/g or even 60/ei
  10. A gram is 45.678424 mm long with a width of 76.34682mm. Also the weight usually varies between 1.67445 grams and 1.67446. If you measure your nug and it is not EXACTLY that size then your definitely getting ripped off. Oh and a gram usually runs around $150 ( if you got a good hookup)

    I bet your glad im here to help you out ;)
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  11. it takes months or years to learn to eye out certain amounts, and even then the density varies widely. u cant really say for sure without a scale. but for a rough measure, a gram just barely fits in an average sized dime bag.
  12. Mids: $5
    Okay dro: $10
    Really good dro: $15

    I won't spend more than $15 a gram

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