How benificial is co2 in my grow room???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ArastasHatchet1, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. -just hypothetically. Let’s say I get a co2 tank and set it to let a small amount eek out slowly into my enclosure. Periodically shutting it off for awhile so as not to prolong my basement to lack of oxygen lol.
    Remember, just a question. Don’t tear me apart if it is a stupid one, please.
  2. Not a stupid me.....that has been asked alot.........and the simple answer to your question.....from my's not "worth it"
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  3. You'll have to be able to seal off your enclosure, no ventilation and be able to maintain the temps. Temps can be slightly higher but not out of control.

    Co2 increases photo synthesis so you need to overdrive your lighting system to see any benifit.

    You'll also want regulators and meters so you can keep the ppms high enough without being dangerous or wasting co2. Your idea of just letting the bottle leak out is not safe. Do not do it if you're only going to half ass it.

    Then after all that the benifit is minimal. Learning proper growing technique is much more beneficial.
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  4. from what i know about using co2 ,is like @killset as said and growers use it as well if growing in temps over 80f ..mac
  5. its not half as beneficial as proper plant training techniques
    after using co2 i found its better at aiding the plant in high temps than aiding in bigger buds
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  6. Until you do a side-by-side grow with and without co2, it's dangerous to commit to using it exclusively.
    It's possible that the lack of ventilation required by co2 would harm growth more than co2 can help.
    Why add lots of extra complexity to get something that does little or no good, and might actually be harmful.
  7. hi Progrouk yep i can see that if growers live in a country with high temps co2 would help ,cuz i know how hard it most be to get temps down ,some times i think its like fighting a loosing battle with the temps some growers have inside growing,, ,,,mac,,
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  8. yeh totally agree mac i had broad mites in early 2018 and only thing i could do to help was raise temps to stupid degrees and had to use co2 as a supplement and imo it worked great for the heat they sustained and they turned out to be beautiful girls by harvest time got pics if needed :)
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  9. Co2 is not a fix for heat issues. We're only talking a few degrees here. 83f seems to be the normal high temp recommended. I've seen a few recommend no more then 85f. These temps won't hurt a grow even if it doesnt have co2 supplementation. If you have heat in the low 80s by the time you seal it up you'll be in the high 80s at best or even 90+.
  10. can you point out to me where anybody on this thread says "co2 is a fix for heat issues" it helps but not a cure
    its a known fact that supplementing with co2 does enhance the plants durability to heat related issues but thats not claiming its a fix for heat issues
    it certainly does not make the heat problems go away but in my own true personal experience using co2 it helped me when i used it
  11. It's been mentioned a couple times, just read through the thread.
  12. yes it has but we know how to fix high heat issues we just are simply saying supplementary co2 is beneficial for high heat temps not so much yield as is a fact again that is my personal experience it helps allot.
  13. All I'm saying is if you already have heat issues before you seal up your grow for co2, you're really going to have issues after sealing up the grow. Take care of the heat issue before hand. With co2 grows you can run a few degrees warmer but you still need to be able to maintain the environment. Those few degrees wouldnt even cause issue if there wasn't co2 supplementation. I use to grow all the time in temps that reached the lower 80s with no co2 and never had an issue. That's just not high enough to cause issue

  14. Holy moly! I’m glad I asked before just doing. I think I’ll just not worry about CO2 for now and concentrate on what really matters instead.
    Thanks for the responses everyone.
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  15. Not worth the bother imo
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  16. I grow in a room that exists in an unheated pole barn in a climate where the outside temps can be less than -30F. So there is a month or 2 in the winter that I turn off my exhaust fan...pretty much also eliminating the passive intake. So the only CO2 refreshment happens when I open the door and what I exhale when in there. My winter grows produce at the same rate as any other season. Ambient CO2 is just fine. I also do not think there is any claim that C02 produces more bud...just that it increases growth rate. I am definately in the "not worth the bother or risk" camp
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  17. Its totally 100% unnecessary. I have a friend with a proper co2 set up and a large grow. Even he says for the average pot grower it's just not worth the time and effort. If he ever scales back bis grow he's done messing with it.
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  18. @ArastasHatchet1 go hit Google for
    "VPD scale cannabis" mate.
    VPD stands for vapour pressure deficit
    It's about the relationship between temperature and humidity.
    If you can keep your VPD on point then the plants can transpire better so they feed more and in turn grow a lot bigger.
    In terms of improving growth rates and yield I'd say thats the most important thing I ever learned.
    Makes em go daft punk mate. Harder, better,faster,stronger!
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  19. Now that’s a tip! I’m definitely looking into that for next year. Thanks man. I am grateful and excited haha!
  20. It makes a huge difference mate.
    VPD will improve your grow massively and if you want to use co2. You first need to be able to control the vpd, as you need to keep it all at the higher end to benefit from the co2.
    Use co2 with poor vpd/air control and it's potentially dangerous to your plants and youself.
    Small steps though mate. No poi t trying to rush things. Make changes to your grow one at a time so you can tell what causes the problems that arrive for most of us during our experimental phase lol
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