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  1. Right now I live in a student building with 3 other guys, which I don't know too well.

    My plan was to frst get a grow tent, without using a hydro system.

    My question is... if I start off with a SOG with about 10 plants, from seed to flowering. How bad will it stink up my room? Which my room is ONLY a SINGLE room with a window. The room size is about 20 ft x 15ft. Its one big house with 4 other besdrooms. Everyone gets their own rooms, but I don't want any attention from them.

    Or will the carbon filter eliminate most of the smell so I really should even have to worry too much about it?


  2. Imagine the best bag of the freshest herb you've ever run across, and you open the baggie and stick your nose in it and take a deep, long draw. The odor is strong, pungent, sticky, thick, and unmistakable. That is exactly what your entire house could smell like the moment you set foot in the door. Growing weed stinks.

    You are not in a situation that is advisable to grow. Some key rules of growing are to tell absolutely no one, and another is to not grow under the same roof with others living there unless they know about and consent to the grow. Very difficult to keep it hidden from them, expect that you will get "caught". Not what you want to hear, but you cannot take the square peg of your desire to grow and cram it into the round hole of your living situation. You need your own, secure place to grow.
  3. I cant agree more. When you come home it hits you in the face (when you have been working all day) Get a good filter and be safe :)

  4. ^^ This is all that needs to be said.

    If youre not going to listen, make sure you have a good filter and you need to think about noise from the fans. Is anybody going to question the difference in electric being used is also what you need to be thinking about.
  5. makes perfect sense. I was just hoping that the filter would eliminate the odor. Gotta think of newer plans.

  6. Filter. I grow 4 & you can smell them next door.
  7. Your talking about growing in a room in a shared student building with 10 plants.

    Few questions:
    Are you a student?
    Is the room subject to inspections? surprised?
    Is this your first grow?
    Why 10 plants?

    I haven't SOG before but 10 plants in the same room as you sleep is rather bold and expensive. Since you going to need a high quality intake fan that is quiet. I bought a cheaper fan that is audible when you are close but its masked by an appliance.
  8. This isn't a mistake you want to learn from. You might want to stick to your local dealer.
  9. If you get a smelly strain, 10 plants will wreak like you can not imagine. A carbon filter will eliminate the odor when the grow area is sealed, but opening the tent will relieve negative pressure and the smell will get out and most likely be noticed.
  10. Two Afghani Kush plants stunk up my whole house. They were on the top level and you can smell it all the way down to the back door at ground level.
  11. Lol I've got quite a few vanilla kush plants going. No filter at all. Just good air circulation and my temps never go over 85… a month left with odor that barely leaves the floor it's on. Every strain is different tho! I thought this kush would wreak my shit uppp
  12. Start blazing in your room it will explain any chronic smell
  13. No chance !!! Smell or noise wil give it away !!

    Good luck

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