How bad of an idea is this?

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  1. So, I have a wedding to go to during the summer and I was going to bring bud with me to smoke the night before and the night after with my plus one and a cousin.
    My uncle messages me saying to bring him some (which is reall odd seeing as he has more flexibility of getting any than I do--I asked him if his usual was dry or something and he just said yeah)) . He said he and his wife are going to get high before his sister's wedding. I told my friends and she's down but I'm so iffy about it.
    When I'm high it's really obvious (that's why I do it late nights by myself or with a friend who also par takes) and seeing it's a wedding and we're going to be in a church, in close quarters of people doesn't sound right. My friend said to only take a hit or two and be done, but still...
    How bad of an idea is this

  2. sounds like you know where you should be high and shouldn't, and should make your decision independent from what your friends want. Cause who knows you better than you?
  3. Really your call on this one. I could be stoned for a wedding because most of my friends would also be stoned. So we would all be on the same page.
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  4. Imo, would be weird if all your friends are cooling blazed n ur sober. If you cannot handle yourself then don't partake, wait until your tolerance is up there until u smoke with groups. Like posts above me have said its your call, we can only give our humble opinions. Hope your friends dont influence u into doing it if you rlly dont want to op. Best of luck

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  5. If you have to go a forum to ask if somethings a bad idea,

    it's a bad idea.
  6. I would prefer to be drunk at a social event like a wedding


  7. If you have a vape (so you don't smell) and can control your actions I don't see any issue. Otherwise wait for the reception where no one will likely care if you're a bit stinky and high.
  8. You know your body more than any of us,

    I'd do it but I can handle just about any high except for last night, I got a new piece last night and got freaking wasted off three bowls. I'd smoke half a joint or a small bowl and go but you have to gauge your tolerance.

  9. So the wedding is this summer, months away, and your family is already trying to figure out when to get high and you need to bring the weed for everyone? That's pretty fucked.

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  10. could be really cool or really shitty. You do have a long time to prepair for this escapade. Just smoke regular from now till then and you will learn to control your high. If you go to far just hang out for a sec and you will come down. Learning to get your dose just right is an art that takes time, but its awsome to be able to know where your zone is.
  11. A church is just a building. And if god was real i promise he is pro cannabis. Why would he make the greatest medicine and relaxing drug just to hate us for using it

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