How bad of a situation did I just put myself into?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. played beer pong at a friends all day and went to the bar my roommates work at at pretty loaded off a bunch of free shots and went home with a girl my roommate who's out of town has been casually hooking up with - but not dating. We didn't have sex but obviously did everything else - he gets back tomorrow afternoon and will obviously find out about it because we have 7 people living in our house and even though I asked people to not bring it up it obviously will come out of someone. I probably shouldn't have done it consindering the roommate I'm talking about is a good friend of mine. I need to stop drinking. How bad do you guys the situation is...I don't really know about when someone is just hooking up but not dating..yeah
  2. ouch

    sorry bro lol
  3. different state rule applies to ur buddy. :)
  4. does your buddy have feelings for this girl or is it just someone he has sex with? if anything make sure he hears the story from you versus hearing it from someone else.
  5. i dont know how your friend feels but me and my friend swap girls like playing cards. aint no big thing to me long as one of you aint really into her.
  6. Not that bad IMO. As long as theyre fuckin but not dating and you guys were fooling around and not fucking whats the big deal?
  7. yeah I'll just tell him...his opinion of her changes everyday one day he likes her the next he hates her and so forth and they're not even dating it's just a summer thing. Don't know how he'll take it but whatever I guess

  8. good idea bro. it will feel good to not have that hanging over your head nomatter what happens.
  9. Just ask him if hes planning on hooking up with her. If he says yes tell he you respect that and back off.. if you cant ask him that then you can probably answer your own question lol
  10. I'd call him on the phone first and have the convo go like this.

    You- "Hey man, you know (insert girls name), are you gunna hook up with her?"
    Him- "Naw man, I'm just fuckin' her, she's too (enter reason) for me."
    You- "Ok good, because she was bobbin' on my dick last night, hope you aren't mad"
    Him- "...what? *click*"
    You- "hello, hello?"

    ....The next day Emohnke is found dead in his home.

  11. good advice man. Yeah I think the guilt would kill me if I didnt tell him and I was you.
  12. it all depends on how your friend is. you should kno
    hope everything works out for ya
  13. I'm gonna smoke him out with a nice blunt and then tell him, he'd probably take it better initially being blasted high heh
  14. hahaha
  15. dick suckin hoes
    nut suckin hoes
    aint nuttin but hoes
  16. omg lol that is the funniest I have ever read. haha good one
  17. if he is really your friend he would understand you were drunk and he would know that when your hammed out of your head that you do stupid stuff

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