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How bad is vape to the lungs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by moorglade, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. I recently graduated to smoking mostly from my Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer. My lungs definately feel better than smoking from a pipe or bubbler but I still feel a little tightness in the lungs a day or two after a smoking session. So how bad for your health is marijuana vapor? Am I still hurting them? or does this completely repair after days/weeks of non-use. thoughts?
  2. If you are smoking from a vape you aare doing it wrong. Herb is used to treat asthma, but it has to be vaporized as smoking it would be counterproductive.
  3. keep the temp below 375, above that your smoking, below that your vaporizing
  4. haha vaporizing is factually better, or atleast thats what the hundreds of articles i glanced through said before i got mine... and iv been on mine for like 3 years and i gotta say its my preferred way except large amounts start to have a weaker effect alot faster than in a pipe so i find my self on a new bowl every fifteen or so lol. but it should be better in everyway my only suggestion is to rip it as fast as you can and pull it off before you start to slow so it never burns
  5. yea, ive heard from alot of places that vapor is better than smoke. but ill stick to my bubblers.
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  7. Except that for example my Vape needs to be put on at about 215 - 220C which = 428 Fahrenheit, that's because most vapes don't burn at the temp they say they are burning at, some are hotter, some are cooler, mine is cooler.

    The easiest way to tell is if you look at your bud after and if its dark yellow then you are doing it right, if it's closer to black then you are burning it, and therefore getting carcinogens. So just do trial and error with your vape, you will see the bud darker if you actually had combustion occur.
  8. there might be slightly higher levels of ammonia but thats negligible, there are a few other downfalls, but none that will be enough to damage you more than smoking

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