How bad is this streching? What should I do?

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  1. I am new to growing.

    I am using 2x Solistek 6000k Blue MH bulbs with the Solistek Ballasts.

    The distance from the top canopy is around 20" - I cannot get closer as the leafs begin to show signs of heat stress

    21 Days from germination Humboldt seeds, TrainWreck, BlueDream, and Choclate Mint OG

    I think my plants are streching but I do not understand why. I can understand if I was using wrong spectrum CFLS, but these are correct spectrum and MH.

    What do you think, Pics follow

    I am thinking weather I should just dispose of all and start again. Perhaps using a CFL

    I keep getting an "upload failed" message, so I have linked to a pic gallery

    In the pic gallery the cups are labelled.

    T = TrainWreck
    B = BlueDream
    C = Choclate Mint OG
  2. I think they look fine. Tall but fine. The light distance could be causing the stretching. MH LIKES to be about 10 " above canopy, but of course you don't want to burn. I'd like to see some other opinions but I would say it let them ride.

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  3. get those lights as close as possible. check the canopy temps as you adjust
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  4. It looks a little stretchy. Maybe pull the tops down and drop the light a bit. Whats that soil

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  5. Thanks for the replies guys.

    What are the BEST lights to use for seedlings? I thought it wud be MH, but i guess maybe those tfl arrays?

    I have another question, Should I begin to top/fim now? Or is it too early?

    The soil is Coco with Cork, the rest of my grow specs are in my sig
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  6. Depending on strain some can be topped often and early and some hate it

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