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how bad is this for my health?

Discussion in 'General' started by saltatious, May 26, 2010.

  1. Smoke only when you're high, that's what I do.

    And don't deeply inhale every puff. Treat it like a cigar with benefits...Puff on it and take a few drags here and there.

    You'll be fine. Just think there are people who smoke 2+packs of cigarettes per day, which is 140x what you're doing.

    Keep it classy, don't get nasty.

  2. I don't know what calculations you used, but 365 packs a year times 7 years times 20 cigarettes to a pack comes at to 51,100 cigarettes...It's actually roughly one year taken off of your life, if that statistic is actually true, which I doubt it is because lung cells regenerate rather quickly.
  3. Sorry, your going to die.:wave:
  4. dont smoke its bad gaahhh:rolleyes:
  5. Garunteed they got this stat from timing people smoke.... :rolleyes:

  6. i am 18 my friend
  7. Just because you only smoke 1-2 doesn't mean it isn't going to do any damage. It will all add up in the end. Any smoke/heat in your lungs is bad. Also, I doubt you will be able to keep smoking 1-2 cigs a week without that increasing the longer you do it.
  8. thank you very much... i think i can keep it under control, my rule is gonna be if i get to 1 a day i quit
  9. I don't smoke ciggs, but I smoke hookah, and get the buzz, and it tastes good, you could look into that? It's not that convenient, but it's relaxing and it's fun to sit with some friends and pass the hookah :)

    Oh and I'm not addicted to it and I've been enjoying hookah for about 5-6 months now

  10. The odds aren't in your favor. Nicotine is one of the most addicting substances out there.

    No... most things won't give you cancer. Smoking increases your odds exponentially.

    Do what you want, but at least be real about it.
  11. This.

    I mean, how many people have you heard tell you quitting is easy? Not one I bet. Why get yourself to that point? I smoke cigs sometimes, I know the risks and I know even smoking occasionally still does damages (it all adds up like I said in my previous post). I try not to let myself get to the point of smoking daily.

  12. Holy shit. I forgot to mention I am terrible at math. :eek:

    Well, still.. I can deal with losing one year.. in 7 more years I'll only have lost 2 years.

    But this could very well just be government propaganda
  13. It's definitely not government propaganda. The gov. wants you to smoke cigs.

    Tax $, health care, lobbyist bailouts, the whole nine yards.
  14. i agree, they get money... i get a buzz... win-win
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    If the government wanted you to smoke cigs you wouldn't see so many anti-cig ads on T.V.

    Why the fuck would the government want to INCREASE healthcare costs? I know it may seem like it... but I don't think our government honestly likes adding more unnessecary debt. A republican one anyways lol.

    Also if they wanted to increase their revenue they'd LOWER the cig "sin tax" so the prices would be lower therefore = more volume. But clearly they're doing the exact opposite, now that they're going to be taking over the healthcare system.

    Funny I never really thought about it but that may somehow be connected, perhaps legalizing weed is part of this fiasco as well? If the gov't made cigs 10+ dollars a pack (like they are in some city's) a LOT of people will stop smoking, both by choice and by the inability to fit that much into their budget. People will either start smoking solely MJ (which dramatically reduce healthcare costs in the U.S.) or rolling their own cigs (which is definitely healthier).

    I'm starting to roll my own cigs and still smoke 0-10 per week and have been doing so consistently for 4 years now :smoke:

    P.s. A good way to make sure you limit how many cigs you smoke is to share them with your friends/strangers. I'm not saying smoke one out of the pack and give the rest away but if someone asks for one give it to em, it's a good gesture and it ensures you never have stale cigs :). It also makes it more likely that one of ur friends will hook u up with a stoag when ur out. win-win-win
  16. Emphysema is a big threat to smokers also. It might cut time off your life, but your last 10-20 years might have you welcoming an early death. Why don't you get a vaporizer, that way you can enjoy tobacco 'buzz' healthily? Also, I'd recommend sourcing natural tobacco leaves, if not growing your own.

  17. I wish I got a buzz from cigarettes.

    I just smoke for.... well... I dont know why I smoked anymore. I guess after that many years you just do.

  18. yup we are all gonna die. Smoking that little is not bad, everything is okay for you in small amounts. things that are illegal are the same, like cocaine, which used to be sold at pharmacies up till about the 70's . the problem is that some people get addicted... but that doesn't always happen. my best friend goes through a pack in 4 months and she likes the occasional smoke.. so do i so.. we are all gonna die enjoy the little things.

    but if you notice yourself increasing cigarettes usage evolute your circumstances and decided if its what you wanna be doing. but get your facts and know your risks and make a decision including those things in it.

    my grandmother smoked one cig a day for YEARS she lived to 101 and just died of old age. so just know your lengths
  19. it'll be 1 or 2 a week for a while, maybe a few months. then 2 or 3. then 3 or 4. then 5 or 10 and then before you know it 2 packs a day.

    not worth the buzz man, you might as well save your money + stay healthy and just trip on acid or roll or something.

    just stay away from opiates.

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