how bad is this for my health?

Discussion in 'General' started by saltatious, May 26, 2010.

  1. i enjoy smoking a lot ( ciggs ) but i really dont smoke them that frequentally, so i was wondering if i smoked 1-2 ciggs a week, will i still get a tobbaco buzz, and how bad would that be for my health?

    please dont say dont smoke... i enjoy it
  2. if you can keep it to 1-2 a week, not very bad.

    and yes you will still get a buzz
  3. thank for not being one of those douches going " dont smoke its bad gaahhh"
  4. I garantee that u will start smoking more and more
  5. Thats how it starts man... Just cut the habit and stick with the green.
  6. One or two cigs? I wouldn't even consider that smoking since you could not smoke a pack a month and then your pack would be stale by the time you ended it.

    But I know you don't want to hear it; but quit.. its not worth it. But if you can keep it controlled to 2 cigs a week then just do not increase your habit.
  7. Nah it isn't bad. It gets bad once you do it regularly at around a pack a day. Anything in excess is bad, as a general rule.
  8. Every smoke is supposed to be 10 minutes off your life.
  9. Hahaha, this made me laugh.

    Sounds like such bullshit. :p
  10. Why even bother smoking cigs? I used to smoke too until I asked myself that question. It's just not worth it for a stupid little headrush.
  11. 1 or 2 a week is probably not harmful, but no one starts out with a pack-a-day addiction.

  12. This.

    And you will not get that buzz for long, it goes away fast
  13. I don't think he'll be auto addicted, you guys may be blowing this out of proportion. I have smoked cigs for a year and I have never finished a pack in under a week...but people vary.
  14. necesitarás fumar mas cigarrillos eventualmente. es inevitable.

    have fun translating...
  15. Smoking that little will not be horrible on you're health and yes you will get a buzz. I do however recomend you don't start smoking untill you are at least untill you at least 18 since anyone who needs to ask this question clearly is not.
  16. I started out smoking just one a week. I never really got into it, but it escalated to about 4-5 a day.

  17. Shit... 7 years of smoking, pack a day... so umm.. roughly 9100 cigs I've smoked in my life. That equals to 91,000 minutes off my life... Which in turn comes out to 63 days I have lost in my life. Hell, for 7 years of what I consider enjoyment, and only losing two months off my life, that's good to me. Because there is no chance in hell I will die of old age, theres too much crazy shit going on in this world today and I'm a wreckless S.O.B.

    Of course you can bring up cancer and other health risks, but to be honest, there isn't much in this world that won't give you cancer... hell even our processed food can give it to you.

    I guess what I'm saying is don't listen to everyone else... Do what you want to do, what ever it may be, as long as it doesn't harm or interfere with anyone else. You may not live to see tomorrow, so enjoy every day while you can.

    For those who tl;dr...

    Smoked a pack a day for 7 years, lost 2 months of my life due to it. lol

    But seriously. If you start at just a few, when you run out of weed you will smoke more cigs just to get the buzz, get addicted and end up smoking much more. No, its not that bad for your health but that doesn't make it a good habit either.

  19. Man, I wish I could substitute weed for cigs.. haha. I smoke while doing everything, so it's just a habit. Running out of bud is a bummer, I usually don't let it happen
  20. lol no dude cigarettes are terrible for you, there's a lot of info online about the body functions it affects negatively, even for months after you quit. Even one puff off a cig will increase your blood pressure, shit shrinks your capillaries and fucks with your heart

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