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How bad is the smell while BAKING special brownies?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nashorn, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Hello, I'm new here. I have a question about baking special brownies. Here's my dilemma.
    Today my sister and I made some canna oil to bake into special brownies. Unfortunately it stunk up her whole house and pissed off her husband. She's not willing to bake the brownies there now so it's looking like I will have to make them in my apartment that I share with my mom. My mom is cool with weed but she's concerned about the smell baking the brownies will potentially give off (neighbors can be assholes). To be clear I already have the oil made and ready to go, so all I need to do now is make the brownies. So how much of a smell will just baking the brownies using canna oil create? Will the smell of the brownies cover it up pretty well? I've googled the shit out of this topic and I can't seem to find a direct answer. Any help or advice from previous experiences would be greatly appreciated! 

  2. It will smell
  3. It'll smell, but you should be fine honestly..
  4. stanky stanky stanky. make sure no one is home or is going to be home for at least an hour after you have finished baking them. [​IMG]
  5. Did you strain the bud out of the oil?   Either way it will smell a little, mostly like brownies with a hint of weed.  Just make some popcorn or bacon while you do it if you are really concerned.
    Last batch of brownies I made didn't stink much, just had a window open and my mom came home 30 minutes after a cleaned up(she didn't say anything).  She doesn't care that I do it, but out of respect I try to not cook a schedule 1 drug while she is home.
  6. Can't you burn some incense or a smelly candle to counter act the smell of weed brownies?
  7. I've made them twice. I don't remember any smell when baking. The worse of it was making the oil.
  8. Just cook something else "exotic-smelling" while baking the brownies! Thai, Middle Eastern, Indian, anything with a mess of spices! The scent of the cannabis will be hidden by the unusual mix of spices!
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    don't forget, make sure the utensils don't sit in the dish washer. Run the washer immediately. You don't want the inside of the dish washer marinading in the stink from the utensils. 
    when I made them the whole process stunk, but it could've been mostly because of the initial oil process. [​IMG]
    my guess'll still stink
  10. You could try water curing the oil. I'm not sure about canola oil but it does work with organic coconut oil.

    Basically its like making tea. The water takes out the taste and smell of the oil.

    Also next time you bake do it in the oven. but seal it up in a aluminum foil pouch during decarb. and a foil sealed container for cooking. Should cut out most of the smell since the vapor/ scent should be sealed in. And for better results give organic( why I say organic is cuase you want the full smell and taste of coconut to mask the smell/ taste of pot) coconut oil a try it will do better for smell control.
  11. Baking the actual brownies or cookies doesn't smell that much, it won't even permeate through any walls. Cooking oil reeeeeeeeeeeeeeks though as you found out
  12. I make my oil in a sealed mason jar in a water bath in a slow cooker. Zero smell. :)
  13. I have a backup fan and carbon filter I use while cooking. just put it on the floor turn it on and cook, no smell. The only downside is the noise from the fan.
  14. brown some garlic

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