How bad is the smell outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PerfectPolly, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm new to growing, I just want bud without having to go through dodgy dealers again.
    I'm looking at growing 1 or 2 plants in my back garden. My garden is full of vegetation, and I'm pretty sure were fine hiding it from view, but how bad is the smell? I'm looking at growing the critical autoflowering feminised strain from weedseedsexpress but I'm just not sure about the smell.
    We live in the suburbs and have neighbors right next to us, the plants would probably be ~20 feet away from the edge of their garden. I was wondering if there are any good strategies you guys have to hide the smells outdoors that will be effective. If not I guess it'd be best not to grow?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm very new to all this, even though I have done a lot of research it doesn't seem very clear cut.
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  2. I would talk to your neighbors if you know them. It's good to know your neighbors, and hard to get in trouble if they are on your side. Just my 2cents
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  3. I think a lot depends on strain. I’ve seen 2 bagseed plants that were planted at the same time and one smelled at a ft or so tall. You will need some distance and I will have to respectfully disagree with telling your neighbors. Or anybody else. I hope it goes well.
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  4. Welcome to Grasscity!

    It's cannabis so it's stinky. And if it wasn't stinky (in the right way) would you want the flower? Terpenes are essential oils that provide scent, but also effect the high significantly.

    I'd take the advice above and consider speaking with your neighbors...

    That being said, I've grown cannabis discreetly on a second story balcony overlooking a bus stop and four lane street in my city. Things that help are complimentary plants for visual and scent disguises. I also grow tomatoes (indeterminate cherry tomatoes can get tall, with the right support) and lots of herbs. You could grow some other tall plants and some particularly strong scented plants to at least disguise and change the smells.

    After harvest, I spoke with my neighbor, and it turns out he and his wife smoke. They had no idea I was growing, and I was actually able to share my harvest with them! Good luck and have fun!
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  5. Every strain is different.

    From Trainwreck smell: 10+ on a scale of 10

    Down to Harlequin smell: 1 on a scale of 10

    You never know until it's in bloom
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  6. Surprisingly a lot people don't know what pot smells like when its growing. Unless you grow or know someone that grows.
  7. I get that — but I know sometimes not everyone thinks that roadkill skunk is really a skunk at all either though ..;););)
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  8. It sounds like OP is thinking about doing a backyard stealth grow I’m guessing in an illegal state.

    If this is the case I would only feel comfortable doing a stealth grow if the location was in a spot that is fenced in, securely locked, and totally obscured from view outside of your yard. Smell is something you need to consider but as long as you are only growing a couple of plants the smell is manageable.
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