how bad is stretching?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Lost Dream, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. my seed just sprouted in a pot ive beeen keeping inside, literally over night it sprouted and its about 3.5 or 4.5 inches, it doesnt have true leaves yet, im wondering how bad is it for mj to stretch, or if this is even stretching?

    i just put it outside in indirect sunlight (taking it in later?). im going by what i know from here on out...

    hope this didnt make me seem ignorant on the subject..because i know a fair amount of information about growing since i grew up at a garden center.

    maybe a picture would be more helpfu?l, ill put one up if needed.

    (first grow by the way)
  2. Good luck! My first grow too...from what it SOUNDS like your sprout is stretching way too fast...cuz even with a good setup...3.5-4" from seed to sprout in a single night seems almost miraculous lol Guess we should wait see what a vet thinks...
  3. yeah ive never seen anything like it, i eyed a small hand full of vermiculite and mixed with some peat moss and poured into a quart sized pot.
    I planted it a few days ago but it did nothing, (probably 3-4 days )but i checked before i went to bed last night and i look there this morning and BAM its there....i couldnt believe it, i had thought the seeds were bad!

    well good luck to you also.
    a vet would know too.
  4. Stretching means the plant needs more light. So, you essentially have two problems: first, not enough light (which is bad) and second, the side effect of not enough light, stretching, which if left to run its course will lead to a dead plant, so yeah that's bad.

    If the plant is still standing upright then the situation is easily salvagable. Two steps: make sure you get good light on the plant ASAP (just 1-2 CFLs is good for now, but keep no more than 2" from the plant) and second, re-bury the stem vertically to just under the first leaf set, that buried stem will turn into part of the root system.
  5. oh wow, thank you so much. ill do that right away.
    there is so much for me to learn...ive learned a ton already, (from my past experience with plants, and reading these forums and books on growing)
    ill post a picture later today.

    is placing it outside for a day alright? and bringing it inside at night? or do you do that with more mature plants?
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    could also be the first sign of a male. I grow same strain repeatedly and it's almost obvious from the tallness of the sprout which is a male and female. Of course you can never be too sure. But my males are always tall from sprout. I mean tall before the leafs could really even open to benefit from light. Like I said though I had others to compare with.

    Edit: yeah my bad, def need more light closer to it.

  7. But thats not always the case right? Does it vary from strain to strain? Because otherwise I will have to keep an eye on some of my taller ones...:eek:

  8. If you are growing all of the same strain, I would definitely keep an eye on the taller ones. Males have the tendency to shoot up real tall (to make it easier to spread it's pollen). Whenever you are growing the exact same strain for any period of time, it becomes easier to spot the males from the females.
  9. It's true that males sometimes grow quicker/bigger than females, but 1) that is not even close to foolproof, and 2) stretching really isn't growing in the healthy, normal sense of the word, I've never noticed baby sprouts that later are known to be male stretch for light more than baby sprouts that later are known to be female. Only sure way to know sex is to let the plant or a clone from it start flowering.
  10. alright, i just planted 4 of a different strain im really not sure what it is...hopefully when they mature (if the seeds turn out to be good) 3 of them had black stripes on them...i should probably start a grow journal?

    thank you for all the information guys it is sooo much appreciated :D

    feel free to give any suggestions, im starting them as sprouts inside and then puting them outside during the day and inside at night...the low for tonight is about 41 degrees im not sure if should even dare to leave such small ones out..i probably wont.

    thanks again. :)
  11. i have seen established plants withstand 30f overnight. but i would not try below 50 with a youngin
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    Yeah it's far from fool proof, and really more of an old school growing talk. It's what my dad taught me, and generally speaking, it's probably true over 50% of the time, but that also leaves a lot of room for error. No way have I ever pulled a plant simply because I suspected of being a male. Innocent until proven to be a dude, then it's the chop chop, lol.

    But toasty I agree with you 100%, and stretching is not the same as growing taller, which is why I edited my original post within minutes of realizing what the OP's problem was.
  13. so much to learn...its kind of overwhelming. :eek:
  14. Don't think of it as learning a bazillion disjointed factoids, think of it as gaining a holistic understanding of the plant -- how it lives, what makes it work, what it needs, etc -- and then all the little factoids make a lot more sense as you see them as little pieces of a single puzzle that all fit together.
  15. seriously i need to relax and be less pessimistic its gonna kill me.
    but thank you.

    im going to post a picture in a bit i wana know if i should be worried, this seedling is growing abnormally fast..either that ..or im not used to how mj grows.
  16. Toasty gave you some excellent info here. First things first,...even b4 the pic, is to get those lights closer. A few inches tops. You want to be able to stick your hand between the light and the plant with your palm down comfortably. (no burning on the top of your hand)
  17. would it be alright if at night i kept the plant under lights and during the day put it out in sun light?
  18. yes, as long as its not too windy/cold.. plants love the sunlight!

    just don't forget about them :p
  19. thanks its must appreciated. :)

    i should know a lot more than i do...but i have a problem about second guessing myself about a lot of things. (i have grown up on a garden center ..still learning)

    the awesome thing about my situation is i have access to literally ALL supplies needed to have a perfect grow, ferts, soil mixes, water, lights, grow spots, etc.

    i have all the material stuff, so i can reallly focus on the knowledge, im having a blast learning all this. :D

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